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New core library and dccm package

libsynce, librapi2 and dccm, in the shape of synce-connector, have finally been merged into a single package, synce-core. This should hopefully reduce problems with mismatched versions of the core stuff, and make it easier to install, since these three are not of much use without each other anyway.

The library change has meant new releases for most other packages, some of which have gained a few new tweaks.... read more

Posted by Mark Ellis 2012-05-30

release of synce-connector 0.15.2

A few bug fixes, and some minor additions to bring udev support up to the same level we had with hal. In particular, the bluetooth scripts have been updated.

There is also a new synce-serial command. Don't get this confused with the old synce-serial package, which is obsolete. This command is for those older devices that use a serial connection eg. over a serial->usb bridge.

Posted by Mark Ellis 2011-03-19

librapi2 0.15.2 quick fix release

With a focus on removing or disabling some obsolete parts of synce, librapi2 wouldn't build with --disable-hal-support, now it does.

Posted by Mark Ellis 2011-02-20

SynCE 0.15.1 with udev support

The only aim of this release is to move from hal to udev based connections, with a couple of really minor bug fixes.

synce-hal is replaced with synce-connector, which builds in two ways. By default it builds as a hal addon exactly as synce-hal does, or pass --enable-udev to configure to get the udev version. The default will change in the future to udev.

Posted by Mark Ellis 2011-02-13

SynCE 0.15 released

A new release of SynCE, here are the highlights.

libsynce, librapi2, synce-hal:
Bugfixes and under the hood stuff. A few more registry functions in pyrapi2. A new API based on MS RAPI2 is mostly complete and certainly usable.

Fixes to the DTPT server, including the ability to configure for a proxy. Lots of conversion fixes and tidying of the code.

Some cool GUI improvements, and a registry viewer.... read more

Posted by Mark Ellis 2010-04-27

synce-gvfs update

A new release of synce-gvfs, 0.3.1, to deal with changes in the 1.4 series of gvfs. Please note this release will not build out of the box, it does not include all of the required files from gvfs because of the increasing difficulty in doing this. Read the README.

Posted by Mark Ellis 2009-11-15

SynCE 0.14 released

Time for another release. As always the changelogs are your friend, but here's a summary.

libsynce, librapi2, synce-hal:
Mostly bugfixes and developer stuff, with some changes to the python wrapper, including documentation ! Also now supports some unusual WM2003 devices with 4 endpoints with kernel 2.6.30

librra, libopensync-plugin-synce-rra:
Improved character set conversion, and a few minor fixes, in librra. Because of these changes, the WM2003 plugin from opensync will no longer work, use the new one here as a drop in replacement.... read more

Posted by Mark Ellis 2009-07-16

SynCE: 0.13 addendum

The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux, *BSD or other unices.

Due to some build problems, early point releases of librapi2, synce-hal, and synce-gvfs have been made.

In terms of functionality, these new packages are unchanged, and most users will gain no benefit from the new versions.

Python bindings for librapi2 failed to build with later versions of the Pyrex compiler, this has been resolved for all supported versions of Pyrex.... read more

Posted by Mark Ellis 2009-01-27

SynCE 0.13 released

Synce 0.13 has just been released. Mostly this is a bug fix and
tweaking release, with a few exceptions. Changelogs and subversion
logs have the details, but here's a summary.

Some bug and build fixes; improvements in handling
more unusual character encodings

Command line tool improvements, particularly in pls;
python binding improvements and fixes; improvements
in handling more unusual character encodings... read more

Posted by Mark Ellis 2009-01-13

SynCE 0.11 released

SynCE 0.11 has been released. There have been a number of advances in
the different modules, of different sizes. Each module, and their
changes, are summarised below:

More implementations of RAPI2 calls, python binding updates and
other misc. bug fixes.

More CE types introduced, enabled desktop integration by
default, error codes fixed, and other misc. bug fixes.

Pre-WM5 support, changeable IP-support, WM6 support, and other
misc. bug fixes.... read more

Posted by Jonny Lamb 2008-01-09

SynCE: vdccm 0.10.1 released

The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux, *BSD or other unices.

vdccm 0.10.1 has been released. This is a point release mainly to fix a security vulnerability that was presented to us by Core Security Technologies. Many thanks for that report.

Changes since 0.10.0

* GCC 4.3 compile bug fixed.
* Fixed connection file write when passwordinvolved (Mark Ellis).
* Fixed a potential denial of service attack. (Volker Christian).... read more

Posted by Jonny Lamb 2007-12-20

SynCE 0.10.0 released

After roughly a years wait, and no thanks to the new protocols in Windows Mobile 5, SynCE 0.10.0 is out! There are many new aspects, including:

* Windows Mobile 5 support
* Early Windows Mobile 6 support
* New sync engine, and OpenSync plugin
* New dccm implementation, odccm
* Python bindings for rapi2, rra
* New library for compressed RTF
* And much more, including countless bug fixes...

Posted by Jonny Lamb 2007-05-06

SynCE 0.9.1 released!

I'm happy to present SynCE 0.9.1 -- almost a year's worth of
improvements! Changes include but are not limited to these:

- Check for device and serial port in synce-serial-start
- Implementation of some more RAPI calls
- Better handling of dates before 1970-01-01
- Better handling of appointment timezones

Posted by David Eriksson 2005-07-08

SynCE 0.9.0 released

This was actually a few weeks ago, but in case anyone reading these news didn't know, go get it now!

Posted by David Eriksson 2004-09-12

SynCE 0.7 released!

Februrary 23, 2003 SynCE 0.7 released!

SynCE now includes the possiblity to synchronize the Pocket PC address book with for example Evolution with a plugin to the MultiSync program. This requires the rra and multisync_plugin modules. People who want to write code to convert beteen vCalendar and Tasks/Calendar on Pocket PC, please send a mail to the development mailing list!

News for RedHat 8.0 RPM users:... read more

Posted by David Eriksson 2003-02-23

SynCE 0.6 released

The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux, *BSD or other unices. The greatest addition to this release is the GNOME-VFS module that allows you to browse your device in Nautilus!

To get this and other small fixes, download here:

Posted by David Eriksson 2003-01-04

SynCE 0.5 released!

SynCE 0.5 is released! Download it now to get the latest and greatest connection between your Linux/*BSD/etc PC and your Windows CE/Pocket PC handheld device!

Posted by David Eriksson 2002-11-30

SynCE version 0.2 has been released!

The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux, *BSD or other unices.

This release of the SynCE project includes the following modules:

o Dccmd - Daemon that handles communication with a device.
o Librapi2 - Implementation of the RAPI interface
o Libsynce - Foundation library needed by the above modules
o Serial - Serial connection tools

Posted by David Eriksson 2002-11-10

SynCE - Linux USB driver for WinCE available

A new module is available in the CVS : a Linux USB driver for WinCE PDAs.
Tested with Compaq iPAQ for the moment, let's test it on other PDAs.
Get the wince-usb module here :

Posted by Ludovic LANGE 2001-12-13

Request for tests


The connection daemon should now handle the devices that are password-protected.
Please download the CVS and give it a try, report your successes or failures to the mailing-list.


Posted by Ludovic LANGE 2001-10-05

SynCE - Web Site is ready

Have a look on for more informations.

Posted by Ludovic LANGE 2001-07-16

SynCE - added libchunk, librapi and DBBackup

The main library (librapi) is there, plus a tool to dump the content of your device databases.

Enjoy !
(Note : the device databases contains contacts, mails, etc... It's the first step toward synchronisation.)

Posted by Ludovic LANGE 2001-07-16

SynCE - Async Daemon Import.

I've just imported the 'asyncd' daemon.
This allows you to :
- create a connection from your CE device to your computer and keep it alive,
- register the connection with the computer in /tmp/cedevice (and destroy the information when the connection is terminated) so that the tools can find the IP address of the device,
- fill your syslog with debug messages =)

Posted by Ludovic LANGE 2001-07-10