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#40 Snow Leopard firewall

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Hardy Macia

There doesn't seem to be a way to tell Snow Leopard to allow through the 10.6 firewall. You can add and even the binary located inside of the package to the Firewall list to allow income connections, but it doesn't let them through.

Work around for now is to disable firewall completely when you want to use SyncDocs to talk to PocketMoney.


  • CDuzynski

    CDuzynski - 2010-02-13

    I am running 10.6.2 Was able to import qif data from my MBPro twice, since purchasing PocketMoney early 1-2010. No
    specific pattern or change to my system when the sync stopped working. The two times it worked, my firewall was on, and the firewall simply asked me if I wanted to allow SyncDocs... I said yes. Has not worked in weeks even with firewall off and reentering (and/or changing) my Bonjour name in SyncDocs Setup.
    Would like to see this resolved before PocketMoney for the Mac desktop becomes available.

  • Hardy Macia

    Hardy Macia - 2010-02-13


    What is not working for you? Is the iphone timing out? Is the file being received, but data not importing?


  • CDuzynski

    CDuzynski - 2010-02-14

    Hello Hardy:

    Apple's firewall asked me if I wanted to accept network data from SyncDocs and I clicked, allow. Then, PocketMoney on the iPhone would not show me any Bonjour name to select, even though I had one set up in SyncDocs. I did completely turn off my firewall per your earlier recommendation and it did sync, so for now it looks like that's the solution.

    I am anxiously waiting for PocketMoney for the desktop, and will be interested to see how SyncDocs works with the desktop/iPhone interface and Apple's firewall.

  • Hardy Macia

    Hardy Macia - 2010-02-14

    The desktop version of PocketMoney isn't using SyncDocs.


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