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Project migration

Hi all,

the next days the SF Funambol Mozilla Plugin project will migrates to the new Funambol Forge:

All the new releases and the source code will be available there, starting from the latest v0.5 release.

The new project homepage will be:

thanks for your patience


Posted by carlo 2008-08-25

Funambol Mozilla Plugin v0.5 released

The new version 0.5 of the plugin is available.

Some bugs have been fixed.
Libcurl dependency (for Linux users) has been removed.

Posted by carlo 2008-08-22

Recurring events support

Here are simple steps to sync recurring events properly:

- create a new calendar SyncSource on the server side (e.g. using the admin tool);
- set the SyncSource type to iCalendar (2.0)
- set the calendar uri (on the client side) to the SyncSource uri you have just set.

(the server must support the iCalendar 2.0 format)

Posted by carlo 2008-07-04

Lightning/Sunbird 0.8 support

The latest v0.4.3 has been released. It provides calendar v0.8 support for both Linux and Windows.

Posted by carlo 2008-04-08

Developers news

We have committed the v0.3.2 source code on CVS, these sources are compatible with both Windows and Linux.
In addition we have added the bash script, which allows to build the Mozilla extension automatically.

All the necessary steps for building the Funambol Mozilla Plugin are exlained by the readme file, situated under the main CVS directory (funambol-mozilla-plugin).

Let start to build it!!

Posted by carlo 2007-06-06

Lightning/Sunbird 0.5 on Thunderbird 2 support

Two new releases for Windows and Linux have been added to the project.
This is the 0.3.2 version of the Mozilla PIM plugin which is compatible with Thunderbird 2 and the Calendar 0.5 (Lightning or Sunbird).

Note that this version and the next releases will be compatible only for 0.5 version of the Calendar application and Thunderbird 2, previous versions will not be compatible.

Posted by carlo 2007-06-06

Linux release...

Hi all
The Linux version of the Mozilla PIM Plugin is available... at the moment it's compatible with Thunderbird v1.5 (with Lightning v0.3) and Sunbird v0.3...
Let test it!!

Posted by carlo 2007-05-10

Thunderbird 2 release

The Thunderbird 2 plugin version is available!!
Let's test it

Posted by carlo 2007-04-06

Mozilla PIM Plugin for Sunbird

The new 0.3.1 version has been released.
It's compatible with both Tunderbird/Lightning and Sunbird.

Posted by carlo 2007-04-04

Mozilla PIM Plugin v0.3

New release of the Mozilla PIM plugin
Some bugs are fixed, and have been added some new features:
- Proxy settings
- Recover sync (refresh from server/client)
- Send log file
- New UI

Posted by carlo 2007-03-26

Mozilla PIM Plugin

The Mozilla PIM Plugin is available.
This is the 0.2 version of the addressbook synchronizer which enables also the calendar synchronization. It is compatible with Lightning v3.0 and Thunderbird v1.5.0.* on Windows platform, Linux version will be available soon.

Posted by carlo 2007-01-24

Addressbook Synchronizer

Funambol Addressbook plugin v0.1 is available.
This is the first Alpha version of the Addressbook Synchronizer.
It works with Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5.0.* on Windows platform only. Linux version will be available soon.

Posted by carlo 2006-10-31

Important Note

The Sync4j Mozilla Calendar for now just work with windows OS and it was tested with Sync4j 2.2 stable release.

Posted by Diogo Armando Jesus Silva 2005-10-24

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