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Synapse Release 38

* Lot of bugfixes.
* New optional Heartbeat feature in the core.
* New unit SynaCrypt with native implementation of DES and 3DES crypting.
* Pingsend is compatible with Vista or nonadmin users in WinXP.
* Better compatibility with non-LIBC systems in Freepascal.

Posted by Geby 2008-01-11

Paypal donations allowed

You can send donations for Synapse project by Paypal or by SourceForge donation system now.

Thank you!

Posted by Geby 2006-11-30

Synapse release 37

New Release no. 37 with many bugfixes, small improvements and support for new FreePascal 2.0.4.

Freepascal support has been changed. For Unix/Linux platform Synapse using native FreePascal sockets units. It opens Synapse for various Unix/Linux platforms, independent on 32/64 bits, CPU platform, etc.

Posted by Geby 2006-09-12