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Source Code Browser for Gedit 3

Download the Source Code Browser for Gedit 3 at

Posted by Micah Carrick 2011-05-10

Release Version 0.1 (Beta)

Initial beta version, 0.1, is available as i386 and AMD64 binaries compiled in Ubuntu 7.10.

Posted by Micah Carrick 2007-11-14

Project Goals for Initial Release

This project was started because I needed this functionality for my "day job" and wasn't quite happy with other attempts.

My goals for the initial release are:
1. Lists symbols from all open files OR just the active tab.
2. Lists symbols from remote files opened via SSH or FTP.
3. Remembers which symbol types were expanded when reloading list.
4. Works with any symbol ctags might find for any language.... read more

Posted by Micah Carrick 2007-11-13