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Perl for Symbian 0.4.0 released

The major new thing is that the PerlApp launchpad application now supports also Series 80 (2.0) and UIQ (2.1), in addition to Series 60.

Core-language-wise the release corresponds to the Perl 5.9.x development branch patch level 26052, which will eventually be Perl 5.9.3.

Posted by Jarkko Hietaniemi 2005-11-09

Perl for Symbian 0.2.0 released

The major new feature is the script which can be used to package either Perl scripts as "native applications" visible in the application menu, or to package Perl modules so that they can be installed under the Perl installation on the phone.

Core-language-wise there is not much news in addition to the usual development and bug fixing, working towards Perl 5.9.3.

As a new extension the newly-included Compress::Zlib is supported, and the IO::Zlib module building on top of that is also included.... read more

Posted by Jarkko Hietaniemi 2005-10-13

Perl for Symbian 0.1.0 released

Posted by Jarkko Hietaniemi 2005-04-20