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This is SXB-STACKER-LSF+u modular hd and sxb-stacker-livecd
SXB-STACKER-LSF+u labeled aka "sxbig release3,sxbsuperbig
and just like slackware".
SXB-STACKER-LSF+u kernel 2.4.32 default.
sxb kernel 2.6.14 and 2.6.15
sxb-stacker new file system called LSF lzma-squashfs-filesys and domino autosave for livecd and hd install.

Quick easy hd install this time mount iso and ftp the 2 dir's.
E-INSTALL= E/sxb E/sxbsbig
F-INSTALL= E/sxb F/sxbsbig
G-INSTALL= E/sxb F/sxbsbig
PC-INSTALL /hda1/sxb /hda1/sxbsbig and edit lilo.... read more

Posted by bollywood0 2006-03-22

sxb new is out

Sxb new layout and directfb and xdirectfb support
with latest slackware 1.02 and new ideas

Posted by bollywood0 2005-10-09

sXbmini Release 1 Available

This release will be available immediately here. All releases of sXb will be hosted here now. I am going to wait a few more days before moving the other releases here. is still the official site to discuss, ask questions, and get the latest sXb news.

Posted by keckstar 2005-04-18