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SWFRIP 0.4 Released

v0.4 12/5/04

Added export of Sprite frames
Added image fill support for SVG (problems with transform)
Added SVG export of frames (shapes work well, but images are still incomplete)
Added PNG export of lossless images (with libpng)
Fixed SVG Fill Bug, now each path has the correct fill-opacity
Fixed Shape frame rate bug
Lists all tags within a selected frame, and gives information for definition, placement, and remove tags.
Added XP style interface

Posted by Wesley Hopper 2004-12-05

SWFRIP 0.3 Released

v0.3 11/25/04

Added SWF export of fonts
Added support for Shift-JIS text encoding
Inserted line breaks between seperate TEXRECORDs in text conversion
Added basic gradient fill support in SVG
Added ActionScript export (decompilation still incomplete)
Displays frame labels in resource tree

Posted by Wesley Hopper 2004-11-25

SWFRIP 0.2 Released

v0.2 11/13/04

Added SVG export of shapes
Added PCX export of lossless images
Added TXT export of text

Posted by Wesley Hopper 2004-11-13

SWFRIP 0.1 Released

SWFRIP Initial Release v0.1


Shapes (SWF)
Images (BMP/JPG)
Morph Shapes (SWF)
Text (SWF,TXT)
Sound (MP3)
Buttons (SWF)
Sprites (SWF)
Embeded Video (SWF)
Frames (SWF)


Frame RECT
Background Color

Posted by Wesley Hopper 2004-11-05