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0.5.5 released!

SVNManagerLib History

0.5.5 - Feb 3, 2008

FIX - Fixed MANY issues with repositories that were upgraded from
pre-1.3.0 versions of Subversion.
NEW - Added classes to represent Hook scripts.
NEW - Created a class hiearchy to represent properties in files
and directories.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2008-02-03

0.5.4 released!

This is the latest version of SVNManagerLib

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2007-09-12

SVNManagerLib in action

I've created a free utility to backup repositories using the "svnadmin dump" command. I'm using SVNManagerLib to power this utility. Go get it here:

I'm also creating a commercial application to manage Subversion servers. You can take a look at this here:

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2007-06-10

v0.5.0 released!

.NET 1.1 is no longer supported.

0.5.0 - June 7, 2007

NEW - Moved the library completely to .NET 2.0. .NET 1.1 will
not be supported anymore.
NEW - Added ExecuteWritesToDiskSvnCommand() to support commands
that write to disk.
UPDATE - Repository dump functionality has been tested and works
UPDATE - Removed anything related with creating admin users.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2007-06-07

v0.4.9 released!

0.4.9 - Feb 13, 2007

UPDATE - Changed the DumpArgs struct. Removed all of the boolean values
since I realized that they were not needed. This also means, that
the code is not doing validation for correct ranges. It assumes
that a correctly formed revision range is passed in.
UPDATE - Finished the Repository Dump functionality.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2007-02-14

v0.4.8 released!

New version released today. Mostly finishing the repository hot copy functionality. Also added a new class to represent files and folders in repositories. This class will eventually load the Subversion properties assigned to the specific file or folder.


Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2007-02-11

SharpForge uses SVNManagerLib

SharpForge at is using SVNManagerLib to handle Subversion repository management duties.

Read this thread to see comments about SVNManagerLib:

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2007-02-09

What this library can do?

I'm building a commercial product on top of SVNManagerLib. You can check it out here: I'm also using this project to add features to SVNManagerLib.

If there are others using this, please post in the forums. Thanks!

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-10-09

MMC 3.0 snapin

Work has been started on a MMC 3.0 snapin that uses SVNManagerLib. This will be a commercial product, but I'm going to release a lite version for free. I'll post more info as it becomes available.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-08-29

0.4.5 released!

A new version of this library has been released. The WinForm UI has been updated as well. The nice and pretty UI (the one in light blue) will probably be made into a commercial product.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-08-29

0.4.2 Released!

I have just released an update to the source. Also updated the Windows UI, and added help files in CHM and HTML formats.


Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-05-30

New Win UI released

The new Windows UI is ready for download. We currently only have the binaries for downloads. This UI needs .NET 2.0 in order to run. This package contains everything you need to run.

Thanks Daisuke!

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-04-12

New UI is not in downloads yet

The new UI for Windows is not in the downloads yet. Daisuke needed to clean up his code before he wanted to commited to the project. I've been reminding him about it. We will post a notice when this is ready for download.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-03-16

New UI for Windows

Our massive talented UI expert, Daisuke, has create a new Winforms UI. He uploaded a screenshoot for the rest of us to drool over.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-03-08

Subversion repo moved to SourceForge

We have moved our repository over to the SourceForge server. The new URL is

Please do your updates and commites from there, from now on.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-03-08

v0.4.0 released

We've just released a new version for your use. This adds the ability to create new repositories. Please read the new History.txt file in the zip file for more information.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-02-13

Subversion repository is now up

I have created a Subversion repository for those people that don't want to wait for new downloads to get posted. Point your favorite Subversion client to:


There are test GUIs for Windows, OS X, and Linux (using Glade).

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-01-20

New team member!

Please welcome DarkMercenary to the team. He will be helping in making sure that the code runs on non-Windows operating systems.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-01-13

MacOS X test UI

We are trying to make the code compatible with non Windows OS. A friend of mine is helping me with this goal. He create a flash movie with his MacOS X test UI. Here is the URL:

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-01-13

First Release!

The first release starts at 0.3.0. I was working on this previously, and already had some source ready. The next release will include a simple UI to test the library with. It's already coded, I just need to change the namespaces.

Posted by Hector Sosa, Jr 2006-01-06