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SharpVectorGraphics (aka SVG#) releases 0.4 alpha

SharpVectorGraphics (aka SVG#), the C# SVG implementation has released a new alpha version available at Some of the new features and enhancements from v0.3.1 include:

Rendering Updates
Rendering to HDC
Source Code Reorganization
Improved <use> support
Improved Coordinate Handling

*Warning: This project now contains unsafe code blocks to support image transparency and hit testing, additionally, security models for scripting support is still under development. This release is fairly complete for single-pass rendering, however scripting and interactivity updates will demonstrate bugs in masking and invalidation. Please give it a try and report findings to the svgdomcsharp-developers mailing list on the

Posted by Jeff Rafter 2005-11-21

0.3 released

We just released version 0.3 of SharpVectorGraphics. This release has tons of new thing as well as a few hundred minor fixes. Enjoy

Posted by Niklas Gustavsson 2003-04-20

0.2.4 released

SharpVectorGraphics version 0.2.4 has just been released. This updated comes with gzip, marker, symbol, external SVG images support and much more. Find the details in the change log.

Posted by Niklas Gustavsson 2002-12-09

CVS clean-up and W3C Test suite results

I've done a serious cleaning in the CVS. Make sure you prune directories when checking out or you will get a lot of old empty directories. But otherwise it should look good now.

Also, the first test suite results for SVG# is up at W3C ( Now, wanna help getting rid of those "FAIL" boxes? Wanna beat Batik to get the first "all-green" column? Email me at :-)

Posted by Niklas Gustavsson 2002-11-18

0.2 once more

Re-released to files for our 0.2 version that in some mysterious way got lost frn SourceForge.

0.3 should be coming pretty soon

Posted by Niklas Gustavsson 2002-11-12

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