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Still alive!

Hello, this project is still alive!
Today luarvic (Oleg Girko) dropped me a mail saying he further developed the services, and I added him to the list of the developers.
More development to come, stay tuned!

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2005-01-11

0.2.10 released

Most important features:
AKILLs, Nickname/Channel expiration ( after 40 days ), /ns RECOVER, /ns RELEASE and /ns GHOST.


Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-27

New feature

AutoKill code is now in CVS. Displaying of autokills is for now pretty ugly, enhancements soon :)


Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-23

Sux Services prove to be rock-solid !

[22:45'37"] [nowhere] -OperServ(service@suxnet.thc)- Services uptime: 2 days, 06:40:38

After 2 days of uptime, with over 1500 netxplodes always making CS, MS and NS requests, I think that all the old crashing bugs are gone :).

Now, it`s time to introduce new features.

I think the next step is AKILLs and access control over all the OperServ and RootServ features.

Once written, the access control will be suitable for all the future features.

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-20

The old code ( before registration ) is in CVS

Today a new directory is available in CVS, for historical purpouse: suxserv-old, that contains the really first Sux Services code. No GLib, no threads, no modules, no ./confiugure :)

It`s always nice to keep old things :)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-20

Solaris port complete !

-OperServ- *** Version info ***
-OperServ- Sux Services - Core services
-OperServ- Version: Sux services 0.2.8
-OperServ- Birth date: Mar 19 2003 at 19:29:53
-OperServ- mySQL Server version: 3.23.56
-OperServ- Running on SunOS 5.8; host: usf-cf-sparc-solaris-2; arch: sun4u
-OperServ- Coded and maintained by:
-OperServ- *** End of version ***


Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-20

FreeBSD installation instructions added

Browse the "Docs" section, you`ll find how to compile and run SuxServ on FreeBSD :)


Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-15

FreeBSD support added

Today i made SuxServ compile and run under a FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE system.
The code is in CVS, but, some ports ( most notably glib and mysql323-client and -server ) need to be recompiled with linuxthreads support, and you must install the linuxthreads package. Also, you must configure with: --with-linuxthreads=/usr/local option.

A more descriptive document will be posted soon.

Enjoy :)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-14

0.2.7 Released, Module interface complete.

0.2.7 is out, and as subject states, the modular interface with services agents is complete.
Soon ( I hope ) I`ll write a "Writing Sux Services Plug-ins Howto", so you can implement your own "XyzServ" and run on top of Sux Services.

Enjoy :)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-13

0.2.6 with modular agents released

As subject states, I`ve released 0.2.6 which introduces the modular approach to services agents.
Now there isn`t a standard interface, so, in order to add a module the core must be also modifyied and recompiled: pretty ugly.
Tomorrow there will be a standard interface with the core, so everyone will have the chance to write additional services agents.
For now, you can just distribute the services across multiple machines ( e.g. nickserv chanserv and memoserv on one machine, operserv and rootserv on another ).... read more

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-07

0.2.5 released, tons of new stuff. 0.2.6 in CVS

Read the changelog for more information.
As a side note, if you want to see Sux Services in action, feel free to connect to irc:// and /join #sux. You can do whatever you want, and even ask an O:line :). It`s my testbed, and you can help me find bugs.

Thanks && enjoy ! :)


Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-03-01

0.2.4 released, 0.2.5 in CVS

Released 0.2.4, with memoserv and masks support for chanserv. Also, 0.2.5 is in cvs with support for reconnection to the DB host upon disconnection. Also, on boot, the synch with the database is delayed until is completed IRC synch. Last but not least, the sux-db.sql in CVS contains help files, based on ones ( thanks ).

Enjoy =)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-02-25

MemoServ is in CVS

As subject states, MemoServ has been written and is in
the CVS.
Soon i`ll make another release.

Enjoy :)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-02-17

0.2.4 is in CVS with Masks support

Today i committed masks support into CVS for Sux-Chanserv .. hope it works :)

Feel free to give it a try :)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-02-11

sux services now feature a ChanServ

Read the release notes of the latest (0.2.3) release, and try it ! ;)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-02-01

[] Services Up 1 days, 0:12:06

Release 0.2.1, this time without bugs. Try it =)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-01-11

sux services released (with BUGS !)

after some days of hard coding, i put this software on but, *remember* its state is pre-alpha: they doesn`t do anything useful for now, and i put a *BUGGED* version in the released files. i put them bugged because you should at least know how to use CVS if you want to try them.

i`ll put subsequent releases without bugs when i`ll have the SQL layer ready, and when they`ll begin to do something useful.... read more

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2003-01-08