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SurfProtect 1.3 released

The new SurfProtect Version 1.3 has been released.
It includes now a module for the H+BEDV AntiVir scanner
and an example configuration for usage with SquidGuard.

Posted by Anduras AG 2004-06-08

SurfProtect 1.1 released

A new release of SurfProtect!

It now supports the "Sophos" Anti-Virus scanner, has a new
"Show Virus details" button and an updated documentation.

Any help with support for other virus scanner appreciated!!

Posted by Anduras AG 2002-10-15

ANDURAS SurfProtect v1.0 released

ANDURAS SurfProtect is a PHP application that can be used for virus-scanning withing the application-layer (ISO/OSI). Either http and ftp-downloads are supported.

It can be installed within a proxy server (e.g. squid) to secure a network against downloads of virus-infected files.

Posted by Anduras AG 2002-09-10