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Super Tux / News: Recent posts

SuperTux SourceForge project closed

The SuperTux project at is only here for historical purposes. The project currently lives at and is being actively maintained and developed there. Enjoy!

Posted by William Kendrick 2009-01-30

The SuperTux project has moved!

The SuperTux project has moved to BerliOS. Our new homepage is at, so be sure to go there and bookmark the new page. Also, the SuperTux wiki is now located at, so be sure to update that bookmark as well. All mailing lists have been moved, as well. If you subscribed to any of the old lists, you were automatically signed up for the new lists.
The repository can be checked out via SVN with the following command:
svn checkout svn://

Posted by Wansti 2005-04-30

SuperTux 0.1.2 released

Tux the Penguin's girlfriend, Penny, has been kidnapped! Tux must run, jump and stomp enemies while tracking her down!
The most important news about this release is a brand new island containing 22 contributed and official levels!

This release offers the most polished and mature SuperTux ever, so it's a must for all people that didn't want to get their fingers burned on an earlier SuperTux release.
And at the same time, because of the new bonus island, older SuperTux player will want to enjoy this stuff.

Posted by Tobias Glдяer 2004-08-25