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Sudokuki 1.2 is available

Sudokuki 1.2 is available

  • 2013-04-27 - released Sudokuki 1.2 (Stable)
  • Added capability to resize the grid (fixes #245 GUI Needs to be dynamically resizable)
  • Improved the paint process (more efficient)
  • dispose() "Resolution in progress" dialog before showing "Resolution successful"
  • In the selection dialog, memos are no more in bold font when selected
  • Fixed #249 'debian' folder missing from source archive... read more
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2013-04-27

Sudokuki 1.1.6 is available

2012-11-24 - released Sudokuki 1.1.6 (Stable)
- Added Arabic translations from Daneih Ismail
- Fixed issue #244 1.1.5: LanguageMenu lost sync with current locale
- Updated translation files for nl and pt_BR

Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-11-26

SVN (Subversion) repository currently unavailable

The SVN (Subversion) repository is currently unavailable, sorry for the inconvenience. A private ticket has been submitted to Sourceforge for help. The GIT repository is still up and running, though :-)

Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-11-26

Sudokuki 1.1.5 is available

  • 2012-05-17 - released Sudokuki 1.1.5 (Stable)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translations from Rafael Ferreira
  • Fixed item #3525975 "Ameliorate existing country flags look"
  • Fixed item #3526392 "Hardcoded language names for lang-selection menu/dialog"
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-05-17

Sudokuki 1.1.4 is available

  • 2012-05-10 - released Sudokuki 1.1.4 (Stable)
  • Fixed item #3520726 "Cannot enter filename when saving a grid on MacOS X"
  • Fixed item #3522650 "Corrupted or wrong grid files are not correctly handled"
  • Fixed item #3520759 "AboutDialog: ensure all text is visible (like for GPLv3 txt)"
  • Fixed item #3522280 "With Sun/Oracle JDK: fatal error: jni_md.h: No such file ..."
  • Updated Portuguese and Russian po files with Dutch translator's name
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-05-10

Sudokuki 1.1.3 is available

  • 2012-04-28 - released Sudokuki 1.1.3 (Stable)
  • Dutch translations from Jeroen P. Broks. Added country flag for new translation,
    updated some po files accordingly.
  • Fixed Japanese translation string for "Latvian translations"
  • Fixed item #3520763 Package build JDK detection should see beyond symlinks
  • Debian package now depends upon java6-runtime and its build upon java6-sdk
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-04-28

Sudokuki 1.1.2 is available

  • 2012-03-20 - released Sudokuki 1.1.2 (Stable)
  • Latvian translations by Janis Eisaks
  • Updated country flag icons from PIWIK project
  • Fixed #3509367 COPYING file and release packages
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-03-20

Sudokuki 1.1.1 is available

  • 2012-03-12 - released Sudokuki 1.1.1 (Stable)
  • Final version of Portuguese translation for 1.1 release (item #3493404)
  • Fixed #3499862 Errors with EXTRA_DIST.include or DIST_NOINST_JAVA.include
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-03-20

Sudokuki 1.1 (final version) is available!

  • 2012-02-23 - released Sudokuki 1.1 (Stable)
  • Greek translations (by Stavros Mavrakis)
  • Fixed aspect of two Cancel buttons
  • Fixed warnings and spurious traces
  • Application logo for final release
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-02-24

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta12 is available

  • 2012-02-20 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta12
  • Japanese translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Fumiaki Nakanishi)
  • Fixed #3489081 Confusing icon for "Language" in the toolbar
  • Basic Spanish, Greek and very basic Chinese translations
  • Fixed issue where "ENTER" doesn't close language dialog, and minor sync issue
  • Portuguese and Russian translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Dmitry Salnikov)
  • Esperanto translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Sylvain Vedrenne)
  • German translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Claus Poerschke)
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-02-24

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta11 is available

  • 2012-02-11 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta11
  • Fixed #3485100 Cancelling 4 grids generation doesn't have expected effect
  • Improved aspect of 'resolve grid dialog'
  • Fixed LanguageMenu not in sync with actual locale if changed from LanguageDialog
  • Fixed #3485144 When grid is full but wrong, errors should be shown in red
  • Fixed #3485142 Nothing happens when the grid is complete
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-02-24

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta10 is available

  • 2012-02-03 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta10
  • Updated french translations.
  • Fixed #3432039 TODO: add necessary L10n strings
  • Fixed #3482839 Exit Custom Grid Mode in case New/Open grid is selected
  • Fixed #3482838 Actions to deactivate when in normal "custom grid" mode
  • Fixed #3482837 Deactivate "play grid" if custom grid is invalid
  • Fixed #3482836 Select-memos dialog should not always clear the cell value
  • I18n the language dialog. Static language names (German => Deutsch).
  • Fixed #3411638 Check the POEdit icon for "translate this app" icon
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-02-24

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta9 is available

  • 2012-01-16 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta9
  • Fixed #3469259 Make smaller Jar/Zip distributions
  • Fixed #3464115 MS-Windows: ENTER invokes input dialog after discarding it
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2012-02-24

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta8 is available

  • 2011-12-22 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta8
  • Fixed #3411639 Memos shouldn't be retained if the user pressed ESC
  • Fixed #3462544 Playing with the keyboard is not easy enough
  • Fixed #3411640 Pressing ENTER on Memos dialog has no effect
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-12-22

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta7 is available

  • 2011-12-03 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta7
  • Dev #3440869 IMPROVE:Make one single input dialog for memos and numbers
  • Fixed #3447362 Wrong cell for "Set memos here" (except if right mouse btn)
  • Fixed #3447520 Debian package: fix location for JAR file
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-12-22

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta6 is available

  • 2011-12-01 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta6
  • Fixed #3445643 Regression: on MS-Windows "Save As" has no effect
  • Fixed #3447468 Exception on the AWT if mouse clicks on the grid margins
  • Fixed #3406698 Ensure the suexg lib can be loaded
  • Fixed #3432067 Open grid:Missing error dialog in case the file is not found
  • Fixed #3432051 Forbid "custom grid" after the grid was resolved
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-12-22

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta5 is available

  • 2011-11-29 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta5
  • Debian binary package support (basic support)
  • Fixed #3432064 Can't find saved grid using "Open grid"
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-11-29

More than 30000 downloads for Sudokuki!

Sudokuki has already been downloaded more than 30000 times since the project started!

Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-11-24

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta4

  • 2011-11-23 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta4
  • Fixed bug #3432069 "Can't open or save grid from the toolbar"
  • Fixed bug #3439624 "Make the About dialog smaller"
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-11-24

Sudokuki 1.1.Beta3

  • 2011-10-25 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta3
  • Implemented "Save grid"/"Open grid" feature.
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-10-25

Released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta2

  • 2011-10-19 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta2 (Beta version)
  • Implemented grid checking used when entering a custom grid
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-10-19

First Beta 1.1 version released!

  • 2011-09-30 - released Sudokuki 1.0.B41 (BETA version)
  • Implemented "enter/play custom grid" feature
  • Refactored the language menu code
  • Language menu nows reacts to language browsing
  • Added country flags to language menu and language dialog
    Those country flag icons are taken from GPL project PIWIK, see:
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-09-30

Released Sudokuki 1.0.A40 (completed)

  • Added Chinese translations from Jeanne PENG
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-09-17

Released Sudokuki 1.0.A40

  • 2011-09-17 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A40 (Alpha version)
  • Fixed bug #3406695 "Twice the same Jar file in the binary release zip"
  • Fixed bug #3406691 "Focus easily lost prevents keyboard play"
  • Raise an error upon 'make' (resp. 'make dist') if the list of java files
    (resp. the list of resources) is outdated
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-09-17

Released Sudokuki 1.0.A39

  • 2011-09-02 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A39 (Alpha version)
  • improved Autotools support
  • is now auto-generated
  • The standard 'make install' and 'make distcheck' are now supported
Posted by Sylvain Vedrenne 2011-09-02