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subtle 0.10.3008 released

There are three major changes along with many bugfixes in this release: The color config has been replaced with an extensive styling system, the stacking has be rewritten to keep the respective levels of the windows and the gravity calculation uses proper percentage for x/y positions now.

Posted by unexist 2011-08-18

subtle 0.9.2773 released

This release includes minor bug fixes, updated handling of grabs in sublets, double buffering and improved stippling for panels and emacs-style keychains.

Posted by unexist 2011-04-09

subtle 0.9.2573 released

This release contains major rewrites and fixes of various parts like handling of close/destroy events, EWMH states and size hints. Colors have been cleaned up and icons are now possible either in the panel as standalone, in view buttons or as sole view buttons. On multihead, XRandR is now default and xinerama is only used in case XRandR doesn't work or has been disabled via commandline. (for nvidia) There were only subtle changes in subtlext and small changes of the output of the list and config command in sur. For debugging purpose, subtle uses message levels now.

Posted by unexist 2011-01-18

subtle 0.9.2278 released

This release contains major changes like a new screen handling to display a view per screen, updated colors and improved API alongside with many bugfixes. Also included is sur (subtle user repository) and a set of unit tests for subtlext based on riot.

Posted by unexist 2010-11-10

subtle 0.8.1710 released

- Updated API of subtlext
- Sublet class concept replaced by a DSL
- Sublets can now be placed all over the panels
- Added sublet reloading
- Added --replace option
- Improved stability
- Fixed minor bugs

Posted by unexist 2010-01-22

subtle 0.8.1192 released

This releases fixes several focus, tagging and placement issues and also updates coloring options.

Posted by unexist 2009-06-19

subtle 0.8.1112 released

This releases fixes focus and render bugs, introduces focussing via keys and adds colors to sublets.

Posted by unexist 2009-05-23

subtle: 0.8.1041 released

subtle is a another tiling window manager with a very flexible and dynamical layout, support for window tagging, mouse and keyboard control as well as an extendable statusbar.

This releases fixes issues with client property tags, startup without sublets in the load path, and tag/view creation inside of grabs.

Posted by unexist 2009-04-28

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