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Latest Revision: 2.059

For all Subtitle Search users,

first of all thanks for downloading and using the application. In the latest revision, a number of critical updates have been applied to the application, most of which were related to subtitle source content modification. IMDb website had also a major change in its presentation layout. Thus, all versions which are older than 2.059 will fail to retrieve movie vital information which is used to feed the rest of the subtitle search engines.... read more

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2010-10-16

Latest Revision: 2.0551

In this version, hope that most of the bugs have been fixed from the application though more of them keep appearing while the latter is being tested and used. Every effort is put on its development to render it a useful tool in producing accurate subtitle results reflecting your search proposal.

If you have downloaded and used the application, please rate this software to contribute towards its development progress. ... read more

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2010-01-17

Subtitle Search v2.052

After a series of patches and fixes, the latest version has finally been released addressing a number of bugs which were kicked out off the application. Along the way new bugs always get revealed which in turn require appropriate fixes.

During the development of the last version, much emphasis has been layed upon the accuracy and correctness of the IMDb Search facility.

Till then, hope that you enjoy the application!... read more

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2009-10-24

Subtitle Search v2.041

The last version addressed the issue for users upgrading from v.2.0x to v2.04. The installer now includes a script watching for any previous installations and removes old files hindering the application's normal operation during start up.

Another issue: some trailers may be potentially corrupted and might crash the application.

Have fun using Subtitle Search!

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2009-09-27

Warning: Updating to v2.04

For those of you who had versions earlier than version 2.04 and are updating to the latter version, an issue may stop the recent version to fail from starting up.

The solution is simple:

1. uninstall Subtitle Search
2. remove all files left behind by the uninstaller in the installation folder
e.g. C:\Program Files\VJS Productions\*.*

The files that are likely to be left behind are index.tfi and the folder \trailers\. Remove everything.... read more

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2009-09-26

Subtitle Search v2.01

New version replacing the v2.0 has been released addressing a bug during application start up.

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2009-09-14

Subtitle Search v2.0

Version 2.0 of the software application has been released featuring 2 new powerful utilities, namely: Trailer AutoDownloader and Movie Folder Subtitles Downloader. Trailers can be downloaded automatically for you to watch as soon as trailers are available. You can also register a folder as a constant repository for movies and subtitles will be downloaded once a file has been created in the movie folder.... read more

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2009-09-13

Subtitle Search 1.4

A newer, fresher version is about to be released. Also featuring with the coming release: a movie watcher which awaits movie files to be created in a (manually pre-defined) special dedicated movie folder. For each movie that is created, using special keywords from the filename and directory of the movie, the most appropriate subtitle is downloaded for the movie.

Posted by Victor John  Saliba 2009-07-28