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yeah, this project's pretty dead

sorry. The multithreaded arcitechture is crap and needs redoing. I have lots of ideas if you want to pick it up. also, the unit generator interfaces need overhauling as well, they're way too inefficient, clumsy to program, etc...

but I still like the goals of this project so if someone wanted to pick this up, i'd contribute and help out...

but for now, I'm no longer making active contributions to the project...

Posted by subatomic 2005-09-07

0.1.0 [pre alpha ] done.

this first pass at subsynth was finished for a course project (RT systems, at iowa state university)

It includes multithread or single thread task management, configuration through XML, and a few implemented modules: .wav, triangle, noise generator; mixer; splitter; openal output.

Posted by subatomic 2001-12-31