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"At Long Last" release

Yes, it has been quite a while, but Studs 0.9.8 is finally out the door. Unfortunately, there were a lot of problems with Studs since the 0.9.7 release due to API changes in PHP. I can assure you that the 0.9.8 fixes those problems. As long as the API of PHP does change yet again, Studs should be smooth sailing.

Go get it!

Posted by Dan Allen 2006-10-17

Switch to Subversion

There was some kicking and screaming, but Studs has finally broken free from the CVS matrix! The code has been imported into the subversion repository. My headaches have already cleared up, and I am enjoying the freedom to move code around as I see fit, rather than worrying about how CVS will choke.

Access to the repository can be attained via the "Subversion" link at the top of the project page.... read more

Posted by Dan Allen 2006-10-17

Recent Problems Solved

Recently there have been a lot of complaints about Studs not working after upgrades to the latest releases of PHP. Due to a fundamental change in the PHP language (pass by reference errors), Studs was failing at many levels. The source code has been fixed in CVS. A new release is pending.

Posted by Dan Allen 2006-03-11

Nearing 1.0...

I am excited about 0.9.7 for a couple of reasons. At the top of that list is the added flexibility. I have cleaned up the settings for the various configuration files and cache folders so that it is possible to reorganize the source tree more to your liking. The creation of all cached files now honors the umask setting from index.php (on *nix platforms). I have also provided a setting in web.xml to use mod_rewrite to push all requests through index.php. By using mod_rewrite, you no longer have to have index.php anywhere in the request URI! Look ma! No index.php!... read more

Posted by Dan Allen 2005-07-20

PHP5 Support!

In the lastest release, Studs 0.9.6, support has been added for PHP5. It was necessary to correct collisions with a couple of the new reserved words and to handle the new E_STRICT errors. This means that you should be able to use Studs with PHP5 in addition to PHP4.

Please note that Studs does not yet use any of the new features of PHP5 and is thus not dependent on PHP5. Likely a branch will be made in the future to begin this development work.

Posted by Dan Allen 2005-06-28

"This one will work" release

I have received a handful of emails about 0.9.4 either not working on Windows or not working at all. Studs 0.9.5 fixed some bad bugs, added some nice features and also ships with an example application that demonstrates the full MVC application. Go grab it!

Posted by Dan Allen 2005-04-08

Errata for Windows Users

Until I can get out a new release and update the documentation, I want to document the following change for Windows users. The Windows platform uses a different path seperator than Unix/Linux. Therefore, it is necessary to change the index.php file that ships with Studs to use the following line for setting the include path:

ini_set('include_path', 'WEB-INF/lib' . (DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR == '/' ? ':' : ';') . 'WEB-INF/classes');... read more

Posted by Dan Allen 2005-03-22

Join the List!

Become part of the Studs action! Either subscribe to one of the two newly created mailinglists or sign up to become a team member! Either way, the lists will keep us all on the same page.

The studs-user list is geared towards those developers using Studs in their projects. It is a good place to talk about putting Studs to use, with ideas, extensions, and stories. Let's here how you are putting Studs to use.... read more

Posted by Dan Allen 2004-08-29

Studs Has Landed!

Alright, we are finally there folks. Studs has been officially released onto the world! I committed the files to CVS under the module "studs", which should be accessible via the web interface shortly, if it isn't yet. This tree will be packaged for each release under the file category "studs". Additionally, I created a file module named "studs-basic". This package contains all the code you need for the staple "Hello World" page. Go ahead and play with it and see what happens!

Posted by Dan Allen 2004-07-21

Coming soon to a mirror near you...

I have updated the status of the project from "planning" to "alpha" because this project is way beyond planning. I do have a working implementation on my computer, I just haven't had a chance to release it yet.

Although the description is for a Struts-like framework, this is actually way more than that. I actually have developed a servlet-like emulation, a java-like class library, a JSP taglib parser/compiler and of course, the port of Struts. I am very excited about how well it is coming along and I can't wait to release this thing. I will stave off as many distractions as I can to get it released in the very near future!

Posted by Daniel Allen 2004-02-19

Strike Into Action

Up until now, all my Action classes were returning null and you were seeing nothing but blank pages regarding this project. In short, Studs almost didn't make it because I began to fall in love with Struts and Java Servlets.

However, a project came up that required me to use PHP and I was back on the bandwagon. In little under one week I coded a working version of Studs as well as a Taglib parser (which I refer to as Phase).... read more

Posted by Daniel Allen 2003-07-11