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I've begun writing unit tests using CppUnit (also hosted on SourceForge). They're located in the tests-cppunit subdirectory. Already writing the unit tests have made me tighten up a lot of things about how ::strmod::strmod::LnearExtent worked.

The nightly releases on should have the test code in it if any of you care to look at it.

I just looked, and realized that the nightly release script hasn't worked since I upgraded to RedHat 7.3. Oops, it's been fixed now. :-)

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2002-09-16

libNet 0.4.0 and PortForward 0.8 released

libNet 0.4.0 and PortForward 0.8 have been released. The changes in libNet are, in one sense, minor, but they will require most programs that use libNet to be modified because there were many interfaces changes related to putting everything in libNet into a namespace.

PortForward 0.8 is a minor update of PortForward 0.7. The only changes being changes required to work with libNet 0.4.0

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2002-09-11

0.3.1 released

A slight update to the StreamModule system was released. See the release notes for details.

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2002-08-28

0.3.0 released

A new version of libNet with many changes and updates has been released. I'm starting the move to use namespaces.

This release has only been tested to compile with gcc 3.0.4, or gcc 2.96.98

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2002-03-27

Oops in 0.2.0

There are a few bugs in 0.2.0. I released 0.2.1 and zapped the 0.2.0 files.

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2001-02-27

StreamModule 0.2.0 released

Check out the release notes for more details. A few API changes were made that may break existing code that depends on this.

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2001-02-25

ChunkIterator working and 0.1.5 released

The ChunkIterator has been finished, and 0.1.5 has been released. The GV_Iterator and GroupVector stuff should be removed. When that happens, 0.2 will be released.

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2000-10-09

StrChunk work

I'm currently modifying the StrChunk interface to use a Visitor style interface to do things. This should both make StrChunk more flexible, and reduce the complexity of it's interface.

Also, Roz Thomas has been working on doing some documentation. Hopefully that will be helpful.

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2000-09-03

PortForward demonstration utility added

I've added the PortForward module, which contains a demonstration port forwarder utility written using the StreamModule system.
The utility handles forwarding of multiple ports and multiple connections per port without using threads or forking.

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2000-07-06

Work suspended

Work on this has temporarily suspended while I write a build tool that I think is capable of building the system the way I want it built. :-)
After this is done, I plan to add lots of example directories.
In particular I want to put in a port forwarder I used this to write. It only took me an hour for the basic functionality of accepting an arbitrary number of connections on a particular port and forwarding them to another machine and port. It took me another two hours to add in the ability to read in a config file containing a list of ports to forward, and where to forward them to.
Anyway, the build tool I'm writing is called 'Ptah', and it's also on SourceForge. You can find the project page at:

Posted by Eric M. Hopper 2000-04-22