Curious why Streamripper doesn't skip.

  • Nazo

    Nazo - 2005-12-01

    I'm just curious why Streamripper isn't skipping.  When I listen to the same stream via Winamp I get the occasional skipping even with a big buffer.  Heck, I still get that if I use the relay server from Streamripper.  Makes me think I have a wrong setting in Winamp.  But, this isn't me diagnosing my Winamp settings, I'm actually asking about how Streamripper handles streams better.  Does it have better means of buffering?  Maybe it keeps accepting packets even when they're supposed to be expired or something and is able to place things in the correct order?  I'm just curious since it's doing so surprisingly well.

    • SocietalEclipse

      SocietalEclipse - 2006-02-24

      If it's skipping when relaying from Streamripper but the recorded files are fine maybe the skipping is purely in the decoding process - as in your soundcard/drivers.  Just a thought.

    • sconnary

      sconnary - 2006-08-17

      I have the same results as Nazo. Frankly, what matters most is that the files that were streamripped are PERFECT. But when mobile, I'm on a much slower connection and when I try to play the stream live and streamrip it, the live audio skips quite frequently while the streamripped files are great. So I just streamrip and listen to the files, basically manually super-buffering, lol.

      FWIW, I'm using WinAmp 5.24 (the latest to date) and StreamRipper srwa5-1.61.25. In the FAQ it says to click on the RLY button in StreamRipper, but I suspect that is for some stand-alone version. I have found the Options >> Connections >> Create relay stream selection, but that seems to do absolutely nothing. I know very little about ports... perhaps if I change the port number on this setting it would help. If so, a suggested number (or range of numbers) to try would be helpful as I'm tech-savvy but not super hardware oriented.

      BTW, I love you guys. You need to post some info on where to make PayPal donations, because I'm a big shareware fan, and this is the best code I've downloaded in years. Muchas gracias!

    • Michael

      Michael - 2007-07-23

      Audio playback may not be able to stream to you in real time, but the buffering system still acquires the music.  To keep you in phase with the live playing song, the application skips ahead for you, but the buffer is still receiving all packets anyway.  Packet reception can run in bursts allowing the recorded music to "catch up" in the background.  You get 100% of the stream packets, but sometimes you can't get them all in real time.  This produces choppy audio when listening, but since all the packets are being received, we get a clean song recorded.  Only if the connection actually looses a packet, and falls so far behind the server won't resend it (5 seconds maybe?) do we get disconnected and start re-streaming from scratch.  When disconnected, SR knows to discard the track.


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