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STP - weekly Bug releases continue

We won't be announcing regular releases, but we've been cranking out bugfix/minor feature releases every week or so. We're working on Gentoo support also

Posted by cliff white 2005-01-07

STP 3.0.2 Released

* Added fix so test will clean up properly after compile failures
This is a minor bugfix release to correct issues found in production.

* Changed order of output in
* Removed dependency on Template
* Removed templates install cmd from Makefile.PL
* Fix for failure to log app install
* Added more failed test output

Posted by Bryce Harrington 2004-09-01

STP 3.0.1 Released

An updated STP release has been deployed to the OSDL website at Changes by the STP team are primarily bug fixes (see below for details).

* FIX 1002756 - sysctl options not handled right
* FIX 1002244 - The disk mount function failing but not returning error
* FIX 1000189 - state_timer table not in sync with host table
* FIX 1008784 - Cannot search for machines
* FIX 1000430 - sysctl options cause db error
* FIX 1004043 - parameter submission for aio-stress, params in wrong columns
* FIX 906097 - Misspelling
* Improved logging during client exits
* exit_clean() fixes
* Improved output from
* Fix - Do not unset values from away (else they won't get into the where clause).
* Default the host type selection to first one in the list
* Add some docs to the search page regarding Hosts, etc.
* Add examples for the Lilo, Environment, and Sysctl boxes.
* Sync up the param & test pages from osdl_extranet to zope
* Consider alternative to 'Command' as header for results column
* Move the ":" inside the <a></a> so it doesn't line break for sysstat link
* test parameter documentation & links
* plm link for linux kernel fixed

Posted by Bryce Harrington 2004-08-18

Scalable Test Platform 2.1.5 release

The Scalable Test Platform project seeks to automate the QA testing process for the Linux Kernel as well as to automate benchmarking and regression testing. This release adds a Cancel Test Request feature to allow users to cancel Queued tests; the hope is that this will help make more efficient use of the testing system by avoiding running invalid tests. Some minor cosmetic improvements to the test request search result pages have also been implemented. Additionally, a limited cleanup of the codebase has been done to remove obsolete scripts, move the STP website to a separate repository, and update the RPM spec file.

Posted by Bryce Harrington 2004-02-25

2.1.4 Release

The Scalable Test Platform version 2.1.4 has been released.

Many improvements have been made to profiling, test handling, results production, etc. lately. This release adds /usr/bin/, /usr/bin/stp_oprofile, and lib/STP/Client/ All of the above can be used to add wrappers to test scripts for oprofiling. has been added to support disk partitioning. Permissions have been fixed for results copying.

Posted by Bryce Harrington 2004-02-13

Recent News

We have added several more tests, and are currently designing the next rev of STP

Posted by cliff white 2003-12-12

STP 2.1 Release

OSDL has released 2.1.0 of the Scalable Test Platform.

The code and documentation is available at

OSDL's instance of STP is available for use at

Primary change for the users is better email, tests actually return a results page in most cases now, and can be turned on/off a start/stop file. The primary source code for STP is now hosted out via Bitkeeper, at bk:// and bk:// .... read more

Posted by Bryce Harrington 2003-07-15

STP 2.00 Release

OSDL has released a new version of the Scalable Test Platform, an
automated test environment that allows a developer to test kernel
patches on a variety of hardware platforms against a number of
performance tests.

The code and documentation is at:

OSDL's instance of STP is at:

Types of tests to exercise a kernel patch include:

* memory stress
* scheduler
* file system
* database
* system calls
* synthetic microbenchmarks... read more

Posted by Bryce Harrington 2002-11-27

STP 2.00 beta installed at OSDL

We have installed the new STP code on the OSDL
website at, and is now available
for beta testing.

We are now focusing on testing and smoothing out the
installation process, and fixing whatever problems we
discover during the beta testing, and plan on annoucing
STP 2.00 final hopefully early next week.

We would very much appreciate your help testing out
installing the code for STP 2 from CVS, or test out using
it at , and sending your feedback
and findings to read more

Posted by Bryce Harrington 2002-11-22