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StormForce v0.5.4 Released

Here is a minor release which improves the GUI slightly and includes some optimisations.

Posted by Daniel Knaggs 2008-12-11

StormForce v0.5.3 Released

StormForce v0.5.3 has now been released.

This version now supports the Boltek StormTracker (PCI) under Linux.

Posted by Daniel Knaggs 2008-09-06

StormForce v0.5.2 Released!

This next version of StormForce now uses XML for it's settings and networking protocol.

Download now!

Posted by Daniel Knaggs 2008-08-06

StormForce v0.5.1 Released

This version now includs improved installation instructions also with the ability to upload your lightning data to your website. Check out the README file for more information.

Posted by Daniel Knaggs 2008-07-12

StormForce: Now supports Microsoft Windows

I'm proud to announce that StormForce now supports Microsoft Windows. Now *BSD, Linux, and Win32 users can take advantage of StormForce's features.

Posted by Daniel Knaggs 2008-07-08