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v1.0.7 Released

The new version has been released. Right now only source is available (no AIX binaries). Simplified the device status page and added some better information to the manual. Also added an include file required for ArchLinux thanks to some user feedback (see changelog). The -g option is now more secure and requires the -k flag and an optional -kd flag: enhancements to better allow for scripting the binary into your own key generation process. Also modified the source to detect the ENDIANness of the system on it's own.... read more

Posted by John Coleman 2014-01-09

v1.0.6 Released - AIX working!

The new version has been released and I have personally tested that it is working with AIX 5.3 (see binaries download). Quite a few configure options have been added to fix possible problems with special drives and sense data is now outputting properly should your drive not accept the commands that you give it. Be sure to read the manual if you are having trouble.

Posted by John Coleman 2012-03-01

Problems with AIX

I have removed all of the AIX binaries and older sources because I found problem with the code that made them unusable *slaps head* on AIX. The problem is fixed in v1.0.6, which I plan on releasing tomorrow. Sorry to all of the AIX users.

Posted by John Coleman 2012-02-29

v1.0.5 Released

v1.0.5 has been released. The program should now output the volume encryption status properly (including the Key Descriptors if you have a mismatched key!) and the manual has been updated to reflect my previous post.

Posted by John Coleman 2012-02-24

v1.0.4 Released

Version 1.0.4 has been release and has a number of new features. One of which is uKAD support. This feature allows you provide a common name for your key, which then will be displayed in the drive status. Some drives may be able to tell you if you are using a mismatched key, and what the uKAD is of the key that is on the volume. This is one of a few other security related upgrades.

This version also allows you to use key sizes other than 256 bit (although the manual says otherwise) should your drive support it. ... read more

Posted by John Coleman 2012-02-23

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