Structure file ngc2000.dat

  • barrykgerdes

    barrykgerdes - 2011-07-08

    The ngc2000.dat file is now in binary form that reduces its size from over 1.3
    MB to 245KB. It wil need to be converted back to an ASCII file to be edited in
    a text editor. The structure mentioned in

    will then be apparent
    I5370 Gx 00 00.1 +32 45 m And 0.7 15. p pB, S, R, stell N

    After editing the file will then need to be saved as a binary file. The
    algorithm used for the conversions I don't know.


  • Bill

    Bill - 2011-09-18

    Hi Barry,

    RE: your latest post - 2011-07-08 05:23:13 EDT

    Kudos to the whole Stellarium team for putting together something that works
    so nicely and that has a very intuitive GUI.

    I have reviewed your posts and the Stellarium <Adding_Nebulae_Images> wiki -
    but I still cannot reconcile the documentation with your response. In
    particular, the definition of what is in cols 30-40, and what comes after col
    53 in the file format.

    Would you have a more recent and up-to-date file description and by any chance
    a QBASIC snipit to access ngc2000.dat in order extract/populate the required
    fields. Since this is now in a binary file format I am a little lost here.

    I have been successful preparing and adding images (in place of existing
    Messier objects) where there are existing entries in ngc2000.dat,
    ngc2000names.dat, textures.json, and nebula_textures.fab. I was also able to
    easily replace the existing lunar texture with a high resolution lunar

    My quest is to take advantage of recent imagery from various astronomical
    sources at much higher resolution than what Stellarium initially provides and
    also to populate the deep sky objects that currently do not have an image.

    I use a Meade 8" Schmidt/Cassegrain and am working in the constellation Leo
    for now near M65 and M66.


  • Bill

    Bill - 2011-09-18


    Re: my last post (2011-09-18 12:32:59 EDT)

    I used the JSON Script Validator and found there was an error (quote marks) in
    the code snipit that I was using to populate the textures.json file. This
    resolved my dilema and now I am a happy camper. After a little poking around
    it turns out that the ngc2000.dat file contained the initial data for the
    nebula, NGC3521, that I was looking for. This resolved my problem.




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