Single Source Information Server / News: Recent posts

Ongoing Developments

Despite the fact that no new releases have happened recently, we are still developing the project. Changing over to a proper Sync conduit with ColdSync has proved more difficult that expected. We hope to start using CVS soon as we have had to split out development platform away from out test platform.

Posted by Marco van Beek 2004-06-26

Latest Release of SSiS

SSiS is now up to version 0.1.8. Some errors were found in the sql install script, and some extra PHP code has been added. As far as we know the code is bug free, and we have two more enhancements we want to add before we release a final stable candidate (which hopefully will be 0.1.9).

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-10-05

SSiS: Now with Datebook viewer

The latest release of SSIS, The single source information server, has a datebook viewer and editor. All appointments can either be single day or sequences, and are syncronised with each users PDA. As well as this, a number of bugs in the datebook code have been fixed. SSIS is now rapidly approaching a stable first version!

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-09-26

Datebook bugs in v0.1.6

Two bugs have been found in the SSiS Coldsync code, which cause the Datebook replication to fail if there are any repeat exceptions of weekly repeats set. The code would appear to been corrected, and we hope to upload a new, updated, version of SSiS within the next week.

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-09-20

Multi-User Palm support

The latest release of SSiS (0.1.6), the Single Source Information Server, has improved multi-user palm type pda support. Each user can maintain their own set of private records, as well as being able to fully maintain the public data from a Palm Pilot.

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-09-13

SSiS now has full Palm Sync

The latest version of SSiS, the single source information server, now has a completely bi-direction syncronization sub-system for use with Palm type PDA's, using coldsync. It links a MySQL database with a multi-user infrastructure, allowing users to carry all their company information with them, and update it when they return to the office.

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-08-11

Single Source Information Server

The latest release of SSiS now includes the first coldsync conduit, a SSiS to PDA address download tool.

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-07-11

Start of coldsync support

The latest release of SSiS has start the first part of coldsync support. It is now possible to use the data in the users table to generate a "palms" file for use by the coldsync daemon.

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-05-11

Initial release

The first release of the Single Source Information Server has just been uploaded to the SourceForge servers. This release (v0.1.1) lays out the MySQL framework, and a basic set of PHP pages to manipulate this initial data. A simple csv export for Palm Pilots is in place as the first step in consolidating data storage. The next two releases will be aimed at LDAP and coldsync.

Posted by Marco van Beek 2003-05-10