#10 eth0 n/w config files not being created for new nodes added

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For the node on which ssi-create is done on creation of
cluster, corresponding to eth0 (the ICS interface), the
file ifcfg-eth0 under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
already exists. This is because it gets created during
installation of Base OS on that node.

However, when new nodes are "added", the default
entries under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts will only
have ifcfg-lo. I think ifcfg-eth0 entry needs be created
as well under the directory /etc/sysconfig/network-
scripts, and should contain gateway details among other
things. However, "re-configuring" the ICS interface
(eth0) from rh-config-network scripts etc must be dis-
allowed on such nodes.

The above may be important as we go along, especially
in light of root failover supported. I don't know who
is "assuming" that ifcfg-eth0 file exists. However, if it
existed on the init node, then, there is no reason why it
should not exist for additional nodes. Not having this
entry is probably confusing for the user / administrator
for the new nodes added, especially after root failover.


  • Brian J. Watson

    Brian J. Watson - 2004-08-24
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  • Roger Tsang

    Roger Tsang - 2005-08-26

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    Not a good idea to create these automatically. Nodes are
    not restricted to using eth0 for external or ICS interfaces.

  • Roger Tsang

    Roger Tsang - 2005-08-26
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