#9 sshd terminates after 2-3 days on W2k3


i have several Installations on W2k and 2 on W2k3
on both w2k3 the sshd service hungs after 2-3 days.
And im not able to restart the service. I need to do a
reboot of the whole server to restart the sshd.
I Have checked with tasklist there are no running
processes .

PS on both w2k3 nodes we prmary use scp or sftp with


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have the same problem.Have you any solution?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have the same problem with my Win2k3 installs. For some
    reason, checking "Allow service to interact with desktop" on
    the service properties page allows me to restart the
    service. I have one opensshd instance that's been up now for
    a couple of weeks without failure. I have know idea why this
    works or if it in fact solves the problem.

    Bob Dively dive@panix.com

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Same problem here, except that it's only happening on one
    2003 server (several others have never crashed.) The one
    server that's crashing is running IIS, so maybe that has
    something to do with it. On this particular box, I can tunnel in
    for a day or two but then it eventually stops responding to
    SSH. The daemon is still running under Services, but if I log
    in locally and try "telnet localhost 22" I immediately get
    disconnected. If I issue "net stop opensshd" and then a "net
    start opensshd" I receive an error that the service cannot be
    started. Rebooting the server fixes the problem, temporarily

  • Mike

    Mike - 2005-03-24

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    Thanks for the "allow service to interact with desktop" tip.
    So far the Win2k3 computer I was having problems with has
    not had SSH crash since making this change.



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