#2 ls command requires cygintl-2.dll -- not provided in install


Installed 3.8p1-1 on win xp pro. Verified that no
other cygwin components (cygwin1.dll) were installed.

Login using putty; DOS commands work fine.

From the putty client, the ls command causes a dialog
box on the server stating "The application has failed
to start because cygintl-2.dll was not found.
Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

The title bar on the dialog says: "ls.exe - Unable To
Locate Component".

This hangs the command line on the client until someone
clicks OK on the server -- which is a bummer if the
server is really remote.

A workaround is not to type "ls"; but if it's wired
into your fingers you can disconnect and reconnect.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Judging by the number of Usenet and mailing list comments
    regarding this problem, it is being encountered by LOTS of
    OpenSSH Windows users. I am one of them. PLEASE could
    someone just provide a copy of the missing libraries so that
    we can download them to the OpenSSH/bin folder as a

    Immo Huneke (immo@huneke.co.uk)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have made a zip file containing the four .dll files you need
    under your OpenSSH/bin folder to fix this. I can't work out
    how to attach them here, so if you want the zip file, please
    ask me to e-mail it to you. Immo@Huneke.Co.UK.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    its used also by sftf or scp ... i just copied the dll from the
    cygwin package ... worked fine

  • Theodor Ciobanu

    Theodor Ciobanu - 2004-11-10

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    I have uploaded the zip file previously mentioned by Immo
    Huneke (thank you for the archive!) to the following address:

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    You can get the file from any official Cygwin mirror.
    Here are some links:

    If the above link doesn't work, there is a comprehensive
    list of mirrors here:

    Unzip (7-zip is a good free package that can open bz2 files)
    and put the dll in your openssh\bin directory.

  • Mike Dixson

    Mike Dixson - 2006-01-25

    Logged In: YES

    I was having the same issue as yourself along with another
    permissions issue.
    I've now completed creating an updated release using
    Johnson's NSIS scripts and the latest Cygwin files
    the cygintl-2.dll (and cygintl-3.dll) that are now required
    by various cygwin executables.

    In the spirit of open source and sharing I've put this new
    release on http://sshwindows.webheat.co.uk/ for everyone to
    be able to access.

    I hope this resolves the problem for you.
    Mike Dixson

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    Anonymous - 2012-09-13

    Thanks Mike! It works like a charm!

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    Anonymous - 2015-07-15

    dead link!

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    Anonymous - 2016-06-17

    Yes, it appears that most of the links on this page are dead. Anyone know where a fresh copy can be found?

  • Theodor Ciobanu

    Theodor Ciobanu - 2016-06-17

    I can probably find a copy in my archives, but I'm actually inclined not to look for it. This project hasn't been updated in 12 years, so it would be an understatement to say the OpenSSH package provided is outdated.

    You should instead try a different port, based on a newer version, like the one Microsoft is working on:



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