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Project still alive, but...

I am working on another project right now, which, when eventually finished, will have lots of improved code and documentation.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-10-03

Slow work in the summer

Progress is slow these days, there seem to be some really strange OpenGL related bugs, which I cant sort out at this point. Also, I am out of town too much these days to get any serious work done.

The windows port is slowly progressing, too. Stay tuned.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-06-18

New features coming up

New parametric surfaces, like perlin noise, and new function types will be included in release 0.0.6. The CVS archive contains a working set of the current project, as usual.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-04-26

New binaries -- v0.0.5

A new set of binaries, designated version 0.0.5, which are up-to-date with the current CVS status have been uploaded. They feature a most remarkable performance improvement, bugfixes, and some architectural improvements, such as the introduction of namespaces for the different modules.

Documentation is also updated, but only the manual, not the API reference. The API reference will be updated once the new headers are properly commented.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-03-27

Status Update

Sorry for the long delay since the last release, but work is ongoing, and since 0.0.4, a lot of improvements have been made in the code (introduction of namespaces, better cross-platform compatibility).
A new physics part is in development, which will deal with simulating particles with a spherical volume. This is a first step towards rigid body physics.

Also, a design document, the "Framework Manual" is being written, counting 50+ pages until now, with ongoing writing.... read more

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-03-24

New Demo Soon

I will go travelling for the next 2 weeks, so I won't be able to put up new stuff at this time. I have done some pretty intensive coding recently, though, and did some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately, I have hacked up the demo code pretty badly while trying out the new stuff, but I will upload it when I get back.

I also fixed some path problems with finding the textures, so I will be able to post a compiled binary instead of only the PB project.... read more

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-30

New Additional Physics Engine

For the next release, the SSPhysics module will feature a new Verlet-Integrator and Constraint-Relaxation scheme physics engine. Tests so far show it to be far superior to the old engine, in both speed and stability. Fortunately, the code is much simpler, as there is no linear equation solving part to it. It seems like a good time to finally throw collision detection in there, too.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-26

200% ROAM Speedup

Through optimization of the ROAM implementation, triangle counts were increased 200% for the same framerate! Further optimizations are on the way, too. The code looks like a mess, but works like a charm.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-25

Virtual GUI

I have decided to include the possibility of creating a virtual GUI. I have done this previously, with the predecessor of SSFramework, and came around having a functional window server and widgets, as well as some aircraft-like instruments. The beauty of it all was that windows could be dragged around at no performance penalty whatsoever. Stay tuned, feedback in the forums or by mail is always welcome.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-19

SSFramework 0.0.4b is Here!

This version implements fixes to the ROAM display and introduces loading of arbitrary image formats as textures. See the release notes for details.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-16

QuickTime loading implemented

The next release of SSFramework will be able to load any texture format into a 32 bit memory representation.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-15

Collision Detection on the Way!

The development on a collision detection module has begun, but it is not yet in the sourceforge archive. I will include it in the CVS repository once its half-way functional.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-12

New Release 0.0.3

As soon as I can connect to sourceforge ftp, I will upload a new release of the library and physics test application.

The documentation has not changed from 0.0.2.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-12

Original Source Available

To kick off the project, the original source code was imported to the CVS depository. The first release and a demo app should follow soon.

Posted by Dömötör Gulyás 2003-01-08

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