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Version 1.2.5 Released

This release is targeter primarily at fixing a serious bug in the run() function that could hang if there were much data to be passed to/from the child process. Thanks to Alexander Yakshin for reporting this bug.

Other changes include:
- path to the current working directory is printed in the interactive mode command prompt;
- run() function now accepts 'null' and string values in the 'args' parameter.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2010-09-26

Version 1.2.4 Released

This release is targeted primarily at fixing build system bugs and updating bundled libraries.

Changes that may be important or interesting to users:
- functions that were marked as deprecated in previous versions are no longer available;
- updated PCRE library to version 8.02;
- updated Squirrel to version 2.2.4.

More detailed information can be found in the "HISTORY" file inside the source code package.... read more

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2010-08-30

Squirrel Shell 1.2.3 Is Ready

Changes since version 1.2.2:
- Added: regmatch() function now supports uncompiled regular expressions.
- Fixed: Squirrel Shell can now be compiled on Mac OS X (thanks to Michal
- Fixed: run() function doesn't modify the arguments array anymore
(bug was reported by Michal Tomlein).
- Changed: Squirrel Shell will not close if any of its
constants/variables/functions couldn't be created.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2009-02-26

Version 1.2.2 Released

This is a minor update, targeted primarily at fixing broken installation procedure on *nix systems.

Changes since previous release:
- Fixed: Removed broken calls to configure-mime from shell/Makefile.
- Changed: Updated PCRE to version 7.8.
- Changed: Updated Squirrel to version 2.2.2.
- Changed: Documentation is now using Liberation fonts.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2008-10-11

Version 1.2.1 Released

This release is targeted primarily at updating included libraries and contains very few major changes.

For technical reasons there's no precompiled 32-bit *nix version and probably it will not be available in the future. Sorry for that.

Changes since version 1.2:
- Added: More descriptive parameter values for scan() and fscan() functions:
- Changed: Updated PCRE to version 7.6.
- Changed: Updated Squirrel to version 2.2.
- Changed: Constants are now read-only.
- Changed: setenv() function doesn't change variables permanently anymore.
This is safer and more "standard" behavior.
- Changed: Marked some functions and values as deprecated in the documentation.
- Changed: Squirrel Shell is now distributed under GPL version 3.
- Made source code a bit cleaner and better formatted.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2008-04-01

Version 1.2 Is Out

This release contains all the latest changes. However, it was not actively
tested and may contain unfixed bugs.

DEC Alpha Debian package and RPM packages are not available due to removal of
Compile Farm.

Also there's a minor difference in squirrelsh.pdf from *nix packages
(including source tarball) and from other places (Windows installer and
separate downloadable file). Only Installation section is affected.... read more

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2007-06-18

Version 1.1.2007 Released

I wish all users a Happy New Year!

Also I released a version of the shell with all latest changes:
- Added: Copying of file timestamps and permissions.
- Added: Recursive removing of directories.
- Added: setfiletime() function.
- Changed: Error messages are displayed in red color.
- Changed: chown() and chgrp() functions don't display error messages.
- Fixed: Incorrect behavior of rmdir() function with path without trailing (back)slash.
- Fixed: Better date validation.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-12-30

Version 1.1.2 Released

Squirrel Shell 1.1.2 was released on December 26, 2006. It contains some important fixes and is highly recommended for installation.

List of changes:
- Added cpuarch() function and CPU_ARCH global variable.
- More platforms and CPU architectures are detected.
- Fixed mkdir() with omitted mode argument.
- Fixed filepath() behavior when path does not contain directories.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-12-26

Version 1.1 Released

Squirrel Shell 1.1 is available for downloading.

This version has these modifications since 1.0:
- Added support for octal integer numbers.
- Added chmod() and mkdir() functions with numerical mode parameter; filetime(), strtime(), utctolocal(), localtoutc(), mktime(), systime() and localtime() functions.
- An exception is thrown if number of function parameters or their types are invalid.
- Changed SQUIRREL_VERSION to "2.1.3".

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-12-25

Version 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of Squirrel Shell is ready.

List of changes since version 1.0rc2:
- Added: Icon.
- Fixed: tanh() function is now available on all platforms.
- Changed: Changed compilation options to balance code speed and size.
- Changed: Moved to Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-11-28

Version 1.0rc2 Released

Version 1.0rc2 of Squirrel Shell is out. Accidentally, HISTORY file doesn't contain release date for this version.

Changes since previous version:
- Added: Ability to exit from the script with "return x;", where x is exit code.
- Added: Mathematical constants PI, E, RADIANS_IN_DEGREE, DEGREES_IN_RADIAN.
- Added: Input/output/error streams redirection for child processes.
- Added: 64-bit Linux support.
- Changed: Updated Squirrel to version 2.1.1.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-11-01

Version 1.0rc1 Released

On June 28, 2006 new version of Squirrel Shell was ready, but due to problems on SourceForge.net downloads were delayed. List of changes:
- Added: md5(), crc32(), adler32() and exit() functions.
- Added: Interactive mode.
- Fixed: (Windows version only)
Changed method for retrieving the path to user's home directory, so the shell now should work on Windows NT 4.0 SP6. Don't know if this has broken Windows 9x compatibility.
- Fixed: (Windows version only)
If failed to get the path to user's home directory, "c:" will be used instead.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-06-30

Version 0.9.4b for x64 Released

64-bit Windows version of the shell is available. It's placed in squirrelsh-0.9.4b-x64.zip archive and contains only shell executable (squirrelsh.exe). Replace your installed squirrelsh.exe with this one as there's no complete installation yet.

Before replacing your shell make sure you won't need tanh() function as it's not present in 64-bit version.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-06-01

Version 0.9.4b Released

Squirrel Shell 0.9.4b has been released.
Changes made since 0.9b:
- Added: printl() function.
- Added: "-s" command line option.
- Fixed: Source tarball missed math.cpp.
- Fixed: "-v" command line option now doesn't cause no-file-specified error.
- Changed: Updated Squirrel to version 2.1.
- Changed: Better OS detection, nut just "win32" and "linux".
- Changed: "-d" command line option is now deprecated and silently ignored.
- Changed: archive.nut now creates source .tar.bz2 by default.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-05-29

Disabled CVS

I've finally decided to disable CVS for this project. From this moment the latest code can be retrieved only from Subversion repository.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-04-27

SVN Enabled

Subversion repository is available now. Please keep in mind that I'm going to abandon CVS after some time.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-04-09

Version 0.9b Released

- Fixed: In Windows run() couldn't execute programs from 'PATH' environment variable.
- Fixed: copy() function in *nix version of shell now works correctly.
- Changed: move() now uses native OS's file moving function instead of old copy-and-delete method. This should resolve problem when there's no free space for another instance of the file.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-04-08

Slackware Package

Slackware package with pre-compiled shell and its documentation is available. Program includes all changes made after version 0.8b release (up-to-date sources are in CVS, source code archives were not updated).

The program was compiled in Slackware 10.2 with gcc 4.0.2 and so may require some components not available in older versions of OS and/or compiler. Feel free to write about any problems.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-02-17

Version 0.8b Released

Since no bugs were found, status changed to Beta.

- Added: 'PLATFORM' constant.
- Added: Symbolic access modes for fopen() function.
- Added: readdir() function.
- Added: filetype() function.
- Added: Mathematical functions.
- Added: Added some examples.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-01-28

CVS Enabled

Access to Squirrel Shell's CVS repository is opened now. Please note that this is the very first time I work with CVS so some mistakes are possible (especially with revision numbers).

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-01-26

Version 0.7a Released

Squirrel Shell 0.7a released.
- In Windows tilde as the first character in path is replaced with current user's directory ("c:\Documents and Settings\*" in WinNT).
- Added strchar() function.
- Added substr() function.
- Added filepath() function.
- Added filename() function.
- Added fileext() function.
- Written documentation.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-01-22

Version 0.6.1a Released

Squirrel Shell 0.6.1a released.
Most important changes:
- Now scripts can get shell and Squirrel version numbers.
- Added chmod(), chown() and chgrp() functions.
- run() function now doesn't add ".exe" to path if it already contains extension.
- Fixed mismatch between entry in functions list and real function.
- 'mode' parameter in mkdir() and chmod() functions now has 'string' type, not integer.

Posted by Constantin Makshin 2006-01-18