#26 Broken handling of folders with >7bit chars


On an UTF-8 locale, squirrelmail is unable to display
or manipulate sanely IMAP folders with have multibyte
characters in their name.

To reproduce this just create a folder containing such
characters in SM and display it in another IMAP client
(or the reverse). SM disagrees with everyone else on
the actual encoding of the folder name

A folder created in SM will display sanely in SM and
nothing else
A folder created in a same IMAP client will display
sanely in everything but SM.
Some folder names will cause creation errors in SM
since the folder name sent to the IMAP server is not
encoded the right way wich causes the imap server to
reject it (the same folder name used in a sane imap
client won't cause this error and the folder will be
created just fine)

SM seems to assume the current locale is ascii when
converting back and forth.

This blocks using UTF-8 with common languages, since
common folders (like "Sent" -> "Éléments envoyés" in
French) use this characters and can only be displayed
sanely by SM in 8bit mode (even if the locale mofile is
converted to UTF-8 and setup.php & friends patched to
reflect this.

This is a big interop & i18n problem.

Examples :

Folder Name | String on IMAP server if created by sane
client | Display in SM in UTF-8 locale of common
encoding | String on IMAP server if created by SM in
UTF-8 locale

Éléments envoyés | &AMk-l&AOk-ments envoy&AOk-s |
�l�ments envoy�s | &AMMAiQ-l&AMMAqQ-ments envoy&AMMAqQ-s

| &##( &�SR |


  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-10-27

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    Enable mbstring support in your php package

  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-10-27

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    One more thing. Be careful in switching Japanese to utf-8.
    It is not enough to convert translation files to utf-8. Some
    Japanese specific code uses euc-jp and iso-2022-jp charsets.

  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-10-27
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