#91 bogus mail filter hangs login

K Yoder

Create a mail filter moving everything to INBOX

prefs line is

(yes a user actually created this)

subsequently, user can't log in; must delete this line
from prefs first
SM 1.4.0

I suggest checking for this condition in the plugin and
disallowing it


  • Jimmy Conner

    Jimmy Conner - 2004-12-28

    Logged In: YES

    What IMAP server are you using? Can you test it with the
    latest Stable CVS?

    I can not seem to reproduce this in the latest Stable CVS
    using UW Imap, will test on others later.

    Creating a filter exactly as described, appears to have no
    effect. I can login fine. The message is copied back to
    INBOX (with a new message ID) and the old message is
    deleted. No problems whatsoever.

    Granted, why we even allow it filter to the Inbox, is beyond
    me since only items in the Inbox get filtered. By removing
    the ability to filter to the Inbox, it should take care of
    the problem, but we should also put in checks to ensure that
    the user doesn't input a blank filter (where everything

    Here is a patch for the above
    It removes Inbox from the list, adds a second safety check
    incase they already have one with Inbox (just doesn't allow
    it to run). It also stops them from not entering a string
    to search for.

    Granted, the error message has to be added to
    squirrelmail.po (I didn't include that in the patch) but
    other than that it works fine.

    I will attach the file to this post also.

  • Jonathan Angliss

    Logged In: YES

    I've applied this patch to both devel and stable. Not sure
    why we allow them to select INBOX as the source is always
    INBOX anyway. Thanks Jimmy.

  • Jonathan Angliss

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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