#112 LDAP_SCOPE_* search options in ldap address books



Some users might want to use ldap_list() function
instead of ldap_search().

Todo: Compare search times. check ldap_read()


  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-07-03

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    Implemented in config/conf.pl v.1.216 and
    functions/abook_ldap_server.php v.1.34

  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-07-03
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  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2005-07-06

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    So, this can be considered resolved for the devel branch?

  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-07-06

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    yes, it is solved in 1.5.1cvs.

    ldap_read() part is not implemented, because it can be used
    to read only one entry. I got confused with similar function

    Implementation details can be found by running diff between
    functions/abook_ldap_server.php v.1.33 and v.1.34. Diff
    should show addition of two new features.
    ldap_search()/ldap_list() is one of them.

    I think patch won't apply on stable version. There are 4 new
    features in SquirrelMail 1.5.1cvs address book ldap backend
    and some code was reorganized.

    Debian bug reporter suggested use of string configuration
    variable and had problems transferring settings from config
    to ldap address book object. SquirrelMail implemented
    configuration control in conf.pl, used boolean configuration
    variable instead of string and correctly initialized address
    book object's configuration.

    I'll discuss backport of these features on devel list after
    1.4.5 is released. If debian packagers or bug reporters want
    - I can provide patch that implements only
    ldap_search()/ldap_list() option.

  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-07-26
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  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2006-03-19
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  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2006-03-27
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  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2006-03-27

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    Please don't assign SM 1.4.x trackers to me even if I am the
    one that solved same issue in HEAD branch.

    SquirrelMail 1.4.x code is frozen and I don't want to be
    responsible for issues that I can't fix.

    I'll work on porting code from HEAD to SM-1_4-STABLE branch
    only if stable team developers ask to port some HEAD
    features to 1.4.x and my patches are accepted.

    Code that implements this feature is in
    functions/abook_ldap_server.php and config/conf.pl. Other
    files are not modified. abook_ldap_server.php code should be
    backwards compatible up to SM 1.4.5.

  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2006-03-27

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    I assigned this to you since from the bug log you seemed to
    be working on it. You can of course deassign it if you wish.
    However, the current stable code is not frozen.


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