#58 1.4-rc1: broken identity check

K Yoder

previous versions of squirrelmail automatically
assigned "reply" identity as the one that was sent to;
this seems not to be working now

for example:

My main identity is "jshmoe@shmoe.com" and I have a
second identity "jay@shmoe.com". I send a message to
someone as "jay@shmoe.com" and they reply. When
replying to their reply, the from address should again
be "jay@shmoe.com", but it's coming up as


  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2002-12-31
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  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2002-12-31
    • assigned_to: nobody --> stekkel
  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    Logged In: YES

    Just tested it and I can't reproduce it.
    Does it happen all the time?

  • K Yoder

    K Yoder - 2003-01-02

    Logged In: YES

    Ah, figured it out; appears *not* to be broken, so I guess
    this can be closed. Upon inspecting headers of emails where
    the identity check wasn't working I noticed that the "to"
    address was not one of my identities (happens for list
    postings and bcc's).

    Too bad I can't assign a particular identity to a folder.
    Then if I replied to a message in the folder, the identity
    for the folder would automatically be assigned.

  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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