#57 Attachments with special char. corrupted



We are experiencing a big problem with attached files
under Squirrelmail 1.2.10 (same problem with the last
1.3.3 CVS snapshot...).

I tried to send to myself a file called, for instance,
=> I received it and was able to open it. Squirrelmail
displayed :
tete.zip 443 k [ application/octet-stream ]

Then, I tried to send it with the name "te te.zip"
=> No problem. Squirrelmail displayed :
te_te.zip 443 k [ application/octet-stream ]
te te.zip

Then, with a special French character : "tété.zip"
=> Squirrelmail renames the file something like
untitled-[2] and displays this :
untitled-[1] 443 k [ application/octet-stream ]
{10} tété.zip

It is very annoying that the file is renamed, but we
can still download it (in the 1.3.3 snapshot we can't !!)

Finally, with a space AND a special character : "té té.zip"
=> Squirrelmail renames the file, says that the size is
0 and corrupts it ! It displays :
untitled-[1] 0 k [ application/octet-stream ]
{10} té

When we try to download this file, its size is 539 k
and the file is totally corrupted !

Please help us with this problem, as it is very
critical for us.

Thanks in advance,



  • Thomas CASTELLE

    Thomas CASTELLE - 2002-12-27
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2002-12-27
    • labels: 102904 -->
  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    Logged In: YES

    OK, I think I know what is happening. The filename is
    returned as a literal value in the property string of the returned
    bodystructure. Probably our property parser inside the
    bodystructure parser doesn't count on literal strings and only
    check for quoted strings. I will take a look at that.

  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    • assigned_to: nobody --> stekkel
  • Thomas CASTELLE

    Thomas CASTELLE - 2003-01-03

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks a lot for looking ! As a matter of fact, I wrote a
    little patch for this problem (patch number 659049), if you
    could look at it and make it your way so that it will be
    added to the next squirrelmail version...

    Thanks !


  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    Logged In: YES

    Thomas, the patch won't work because we already complete
    renew the responsable bodystructure parsers. Now it's
    located in class/Message.class.php

    Probably the bug was the parser function responsable for
    parsing the literal values. By decrementing the offset of $i in
    parseLiteral I hope that the problem is fixed. Could you
    checkout the cvs again or update

  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Thomas CASTELLE

    Thomas CASTELLE - 2003-01-06

    Logged In: YES

    Yes, indeed, the patch I submit is intented to squirrelmail

    I tried the last CVS Snapshot of 1.4.0, and the "special
    chars problem" seems to be resolved if you send and receive
    mail with Squirrelmail... But when I send the same mail from
    Outlook 2000, there is still the problem.

    Do you see any reason ? I don't have time to look further on

    Thanks in advance,


  • Thomas CASTELLE

    Thomas CASTELLE - 2003-01-06
    • status: closed-fixed --> open-fixed
  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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