#2529 Mailbox list format not long by default


While upgrading from 1.4.10a to 1.4.11 I've faced with the fact, that the mailbox dropdown list now shows only the name of the mailbox and omits the name of the parents. It quite hard to browse all my mailbox names otherwise sorted hierarchically.
It seems that the upgrade touched the function responsible for creating this dropdown list. The default behavior now is to supply only the sorter version of the mailbox names.
If a function call doesn't take care of the format, this will result in a situation like this. As I can see other call handles all arguments, however in this case the format is not defined during the call.

I propose a simple patch to restore the dropdown list in a useful manner.



  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2007-11-04

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    Can you please be a bit more specific about the problem that this causes for you? I think the dropdown list was actually improved because all the prefixes are not repeated and indentation is used by default instead. Why doesn't that work for you?

    It's the default setting by the way - you're free to change it under options - folder settings.

  • Toth Attila MD

    Toth Attila MD - 2007-11-04

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    I've arranged my folders in a hierarchical manner. There are parent folders and subfolders. I have dozens of folders.
    If I choose indented format, all the folders get listed creating a mess, because I should figure out where are the borders of each parent directory. I can only rely on collation, but it's hard to work with this style. Fortunately the members of the parent directories are collated in groups. But it still takes time to search for the target folder to move a particular message, because first I have to find the target group. During which I should check on the spelling of the folders and figure out that to which parent folder the particular subfolder belongs to. Since it's the default, users with subfolders also complain before they realize, that there's an option.
    Long format however clearly indicates the parent folder and it's easy to browse through them.
    You are right, that there's the option to change it, but I think the default should be the long format.

    I hope this makes it clearer.

    Long term solution may be provided for intended listing, if the name of each parent folder would be listed at the beginning of each subfolder group. In this case this listing mode would remain to be usable for persons like me.

    In the mean time I'd like to thank to all squirrelmail devs for developing this nice piece of application. I've been using it for more than 5 years now without major hassels.

  • Jonathan Angliss

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    What's wrong with the preferences option under "Options" | "Folder Preferences" | "Folder Selection Options" ?

  • Toth Attila MD

    Toth Attila MD - 2007-11-05

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    That option is nice and working. This particular bug can be treated as solved.

    Although indented listing mode is still not handy. It would be good to have parent directory names mentioned at least once even in indented listing. I correct my description about indented listing if it's not clear enough.


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