#260 Enhanced ER digram editor


There's no "Mature" free ERD (Entity Relation Diagram) editor for Linux yet. An editor that can stand against the commercial editors. The ability to create tables from the graph and add fields, relations, constraints, indexes, .. etc, will be a great enhancement for this tool. The fact that it will work with any DBMS (through JDBC) will make highly desirable. Now, we have to create tables and define them through SQL. It will be very nice to achieve this using point and click.


  • Mirko Sertic

    Mirko Sertic - 2008-01-17

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    Mogwai ERDesigner could also be a candidate...

  • Mirko Sertic

    Mirko Sertic - 2008-01-20

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    I sat down this weekend and developed a prototype of
    Mogwai ERDesigner ( http://mogwai.sourceforge.net ) running
    as a plugin inside of SquirrelSQL. Using this pugin, you
    can reverse engineer an existing schema, layout it using
    AT&T´s Graphhviz Library and export it as JPEG, PNG, GIF or
    even SVG. It can be downloaded from the project download
    page. For questions and comments, please send mails to
    the project mailing list or post a thread to the project


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This is ambitious. I would be more than satisfied if the grapher made a decent, standards-compliant picture. Extra points if it:

    1. Had an auto-layout feature.
    2. Output a vector file that you could clean it up in OpenOffice.

  • Christopher

    Christopher - 2009-01-19

    AFAIK, Dia cannot reverse engineer the DB. I love its interface, and I do believe you can make plugins for it, but I'm not sure how compatible it is as it is not written in Java.


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