#625 exporting whole table only exports max of 100 records

Colin Bell
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1. i tried exporting tables with mysql and oracle databases.

2. firstly, select a table that has more than 100 records by using the object tree, then on the right main screen, click 'content' after info tab.

3. right click on cell, export CSV/MS Excel and tried exporting csv and ms excel with 'export complete table' selected.

4. check the contents of the exported file, only 1st 100 records were extracted.

Q : Is there no way to export the whole table? I don't even know where to set the limit of total records shown in the cell.

Q2 : Even if setting the limit of 100 records to higher figure, i'll get java heap memory exception about not having enough ram. (2 GB here)


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  • André Schild
    André Schild

    The excel export does export the number of rows as specified in the "Limit total rows", which is 100 rows per default.

    When you uncheck this, the whole resultset is available and exported.

    For very large tables (many many rows and many colums) it frequently gives you out of memory errors.
    To prevent these you need to assign more memory to your SQuirrel application. (It does not atomatically use all 2GB of memory)

  • André Schild
    André Schild

    The attached patch switches the XLS library fro JExcelApi to the apache poi library.
    It solves these problems:
    - Due to the usage of the streaming api, xlsx file of almost any size can be exported without out of memory errors
    - Switching to xlsx file formats allows the export of more than 65k rows per sheet
    - Importing of xls and xlsx files is now supported (and format is detected on the fly)

    Last edit: André Schild 2013-11-14
  • Gerd Wagner
    Gerd Wagner

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  • Gerd Wagner
    Gerd Wagner

    Fixed by André's Patch. Will be available in future snapshots and versions.