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Squid HTTP Proxy Developments / News: Recent posts

Squid-2.6 cycle started

Some time ago the developers agreed to lift the code freeze of the Squid-2 tree, allowing for a rapid Squid-2.6 release collecting all the existing Squid-2.5 developments into a uniform and well integrated tree.

This should not be seen as a sign that the 3.0 release is on hold. On the contrary Squid-3.0 is very much active and making good progress, it's just taking a bit longer than we had hoped for.... read more

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2006-05-15

2.5.STABLE14 approaching

The Squid-2.5.STABLE14 release is approaching rapidly. And from what it looks this will probably be the final release in the Squid-2.5 series.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2006-05-15

Squid-2.5.STABLE10 milestone reached

The release of Squid-2.5.STABLE10 is an noticeable milestone in the Squid evolution. This marks the end of the active maintenance of Squid-2.5, shifting the focus to Squid-3.0 maintenance instead preparing for the official 3.0 release.

It is not unlikely there will eventually be a 2.5.STABLE11 release, but the bar for what kinds of fixes may go into the 2.5 tree has been considerably raised to only security issues or regression errors preventing people from upgrading from earlier versions.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2005-05-19

Squid-3.x starting to shape up

During the last months the Squid developers (mostly Robert) have been busy creating a new breed of Squid which will be named Squid-3.X. Squid is a high-performance proxy caching server for Web clients, supporting FTP, gopher, and HTTP data objects.

The major changes in Squid-3.0 compared to Squid-2.5 are related to the the internal design of Squid and not very visible externally. The big news is that Squid is now written in C++ while Squid-2.X and earlier were all written in C. In terms of functionality Squid-3.0 only have minor improvements, but the hope is that with the transition to C++ and a large scale cleanup of the code the Squid-3 code will be a lot easier to maintain and extend in the future.... read more

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2003-02-16

Squid 2.5 released

The squid development team are pleased to announce the release of squid 2.5 stable. Faster and more flexible than ever before, a copy can be grabbed from your local mirror.

For details on the new features, please see the Release Notes at

- The squid core team.

Posted by Robert Collins 2002-09-25

Squid-2.5 is rounding up

The Squid-2.5 release <> is rapidly rounding up, with many interesting news.

- New authentication schemes. In addition to the plain old Basic HTTP authentication scheme, squid-2.5 also supports Digests and Microsoft NTLM authentication shemes.

- External helpers, providing a new and very powerful interface whereby external helpers can be used to build new ACL constructs. Shipped with Squid you will find several examples such as various user group database integrations (LDAP groups, UNIX groups and Windows Domain groups), and a couple of other interesting examples.... read more

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2002-07-13

Romeo Anghelache has joined

Romeo Anghelache, the original porter of Squid to native Windows NT has joined the effort.

He like to keep it in sync from time to time with the latest modifications in the main trunk of code; maybe add some more NT nativity while keeping the functionality and portability there; and who knows, maybe even more if he get to understand it better.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-12-01

tosaddracl code committed to squid-HEAD

The tosaddracl branch was committed to squid-HEAD last night, adding TOS bit and source IP address selection based upon squid's ACL types.

Thanks to Roger Venning!

Posted by Adrian Chadd 2001-10-11

CVS support scripts released public domain

The CVS support scripts we use have now been released as public domain to allow them to be integrated into other development projects needing seemless use of development branches.

For more information on these scripts see

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-09-25

Change of domain

Due to many users being confused about the status of and the SourceForge CVS repository, these has now been moved to the domain / Hopefully this will lessen the confusion.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-09-19

Profiling patch

Andres Kroonmaa has implemented high resolution profiling. See or the cpuProfiling branch on sourceforge.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-05-08

Basic Vary support committed

Basic Vary support has been committed to HEAD. For details see

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-05-08

ToS and source IP selection

Roger Venning has completed a patch that implements ToS and source IP selection using ACL based maps. See

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-05-08

SSL support

SSL listener support has been committed HEAD

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-05-08

NT port of Squid-2.3

The NT port of Squid-2.1 has been updated to Squid-2.3, and a preleminary Squid-2.4 version in the CVS repository.

The 2.4 port still requires some work before being useable.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-01-09

Round 2 of modio

Adrian has started hacking on round 2 of modio. This time changing much of the whole request path, mainly to allow for stores without a in-core index without too many cludges, but also to make the whole forwarding process a lot more efficient.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-01-09

Jon Kay / PushCache

Jon Kay from PushCache has joined in order to port the pushcache modifications in Squid to the current version, with the ultimate goal of being integrated in the distribution.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-01-09

Squid-2.5 development cycle started

The Squid-2.5 development cycle has started, which has allowed many of the branches to get committed to the main version. This includes

* cbdata, the unified callback-data and memory pool allocator.
* splay_userauth, optimizations for long proxy_auth/ident user lists
* auth_rewrite, a new modular framework for authentication schemes allowing Squid to support more than only Basic HTTP authentication.
* MS NTLM HTTP authentication within the above framework... read more

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2001-01-09

Squid status update

Much has happened during the last months, but very little have made it to this news section. So here is a quick summary:

* Squid-2.4 is in the late end of it's development cycle. Should be ready for release any week now.

* MS NTLM authentication support (automatic login for IE browsers) are mostly completed, and are now pending for a merge into Squid-2.5. See "ntlm".

* As a foundation for the above MS NTLM support the authenticator helper interface has been reworked to be able to support many different schemes. See "auth_rewrite"... read more

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2000-12-18

Robert Collins has joined

Robert Collins has joined this Squid development effort, and will be working at getting a fully functional port to Windows NT using the "cygwin" toolchain.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2000-07-03

Modular policies committed

The modular policies have now been committed to the main Squid sources, and the modio branch is nearing it's end of life (Goal accomplished and committed).

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2000-06-11

Modular policies

The modio branch has now completed implementation of modular policies, and is undergoing final testing before being committed to the main sources.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2000-06-02

Most of Henrik's patches committed

Most of my patches have been committed to the main Squid sources. Finally the list of uncommitted patches is down to a hand ful.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2000-05-17

More people joining in

More people are joining in to this effort of collecting various Squid works.

The latest additions are:

* Benno Rice, with SSL gatewaying support (hooks into OpenSSL).

* Robert Cohen, with sattelite link enhancements (large latency links).

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2000-05-17

modio IO model committed

The modio IO model was committed to the main Squid sources some time back.

The modio project are not continuing with replacement policies and optimizations.

Posted by Henrik Nordstrom 2000-05-17