SquashFS and NFS

  • Mr.White

    Mr.White - 2006-04-04

    Hi all, is it possibile to export a squash filesystem over NFS with 3.0 version ? How ? Tnx for the attention.

    • Phillip Lougher

      Phillip Lougher - 2006-04-06

      No, Squashfs doesn't support NFS yet.  This will be implemented in a future release.

    • Mr.White

      Mr.White - 2006-04-10

      And what if we export via NFS a CDROM mountpoint, which contains the SquashFS images? Would that be possible to mount remotely? Currently we've tried that too, but with no luck - But probably we've made something wrong. :P

    • Phillip Lougher

      Phillip Lougher - 2007-04-30

      Squashfs 3.2 and later now supports NFS.


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