#47 unable to handle kernel paging request at f7b55175


Hi, me again with my P5GZ-MX with Celeron D (330 I think) @ 2.66 GHz that always get an oops in squashfs_read_data while booting NixOS CD just a while after login prompt.

I manage to get a full log this time, using a null-modem.

Could my CR2 value got corrupted? I don't know... CR2: 00000000f7b55175 looks like a strange value to me.

Ok, I did not make a full memtest yet... but a too short test revealed no errors.

Hope you could have a look at my oops log now.
MAYBE, I could dissassemble the Code part if it helps you.


  • Paul Dufresne

    Paul Dufresne - 2011-10-19

    unable to handle kernel paging request at f7b55175 log no 2

  • Paul Dufresne

    Paul Dufresne - 2011-10-20

    Forget about CR2 being corrupted... I thought that was flags and that it was unsual to have many set. But this is Page Fault Linear Address .

    Just to remember... this seems to happens only on my computer, other goes fine with the same CD.

    As it happens with more than one CD image, and CD media... very unlikely to be a bad burn.

    This is linked to http://yellowgrass.org/issue/NixOS/145 bug report.

  • Paul Dufresne

    Paul Dufresne - 2011-10-20

    Thinking a bit more about what you said in the other bug report.
    It take time, but I begin to accept you was right.

    I tested my memory, 2 pass of memtest did not reveal any error.

    It begin to make much sense to me that UDEVD detect my hardware and is loading modules about the same time the login prompt is showed.

    Now I begin to suspect radeonfb. I saw some error once after the oops about not being able to allocate reserved memory, etc. I have a bas solder on the VGA connector, so I put an old Radeon 7200 (R100) card in as a replacement for integrated i945 VGA.

    I'll try to put an even older card (Cirrus Logic) tomorrow and see if it helps to boot the OS.

    Other a bit strange modules: mac_hid (Emulate 2nd and 3th button with keyboard on Mac, but this is not a Mac at all).

    ICH7 TCO Watchdog.


    Well... not too sure how to test all this, except for the Radeon card.


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