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Universal SQL Tools / News: Recent posts

Build update

Well, I havn't been working this project for a while, but I noticed that the installers no longer work in current operating systems, and the build was way out of date.

I'm updating the build to use Maven.

Posted by Brill Pappin 2004-11-06

Mac OS 9.x a No-Go

Universal SQL Tools does not work in Mac OS 9.x.

The highest level of Java implementation for Macs is 1.1, and the app makes heave use of J2SE 1.3.

The tool will likely work in Mac OS X, but I have not tried it, try the generic Unix installer, or the Linux installer.

If someone wants to take the trouble to port the code to JDK 1.1, please contact me.

Posted by Brill Pappin 2001-12-10

Release of 1.1.2

I've released version 1.1.2, a pre-release version that is mostly working. I am having a little trouble with the print functions, so if anyone can help, please drop me a line.

Posted by Brill Pappin 2001-12-07

Back from Sabbatical

I have been on sebatical for the last 9 months and have only now returned. Development of USQL Tools will continue in the near future.

Posted by Brill Pappin 2001-09-18