#48 Saving file when disk is full saves corrupted file

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When hard disk on to which files is saved is full, SQL Tools simply saves a corrupted version of file without any error messages. This file is not readable at all.

Used many versions of 1.5 and 1.6 including latest 1.6 Beta build 15 and same thing happens. This caused me to loss many files. Also I save to a network drive which is mapped to my windows machine as a drive in my computer.


  • Aleksey Kochetov

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  • Aleksey Kochetov

    I'm sorry for your lost work. I was able to reproduce this problem partially:

    a file gets truncated when I save a it on a disk which is full (local or network, does not matter) . However I received a clear error message every time when it happened.

    This does not happen when ether "create backup file when saving" or "Keep files locked when editing then" is ON. So I can suggest that as workaround for now.

    What OS do you have on your PC? did that happen on shutdown?

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    Anonymous - 2012-10-12

    Thanks for looking into this.

    I use Windows XP Professional SP3.

    I did not get error message at all. I have both the options turned off. As a workaround I set "Keep files locked while editing" to ON.


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