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0.7 released

We are proud to release version 0.7. It comes with a lot of bug fixes/enhancements and new features. We feel the application is getting ready for a 1.0 release where documentation and api (development) stability is more garanteed.

Improvements include:
* added settings command to change settings and set variables
* more tab completion
* dump/read (import/export) command is improved. Tested for files larger then 4GB in size.... read more

Posted by Roy van der Kuil 2010-02-01

sqlshell 0.6.1

Please use this version since 0.6 introcuded a last minute bug that whas caused by code cleanup.

Posted by Roy van der Kuil 2008-12-24

sqlshell 0.6 released

The Internet: december 22 2008
After quite a busy time and finally some holidays we managed to get the sixth
release of sqlshell out the doors. It doesn't come with a lot of new features
(at least not as many as I would have hoped) but the overall stability and speed
should have improved a lot. This release is mostly a 'switching toolkit' release,
since it now can run on both jcurses (http://jcurses.sf.net) and charva (http://www.pitman.co.za/projects/charva/Screenshots.html).
We do feel Charva has fixed a lot of the multithreading issues we came across when using jcurses.... read more

Posted by Roy van der Kuil 2008-12-23

SQLShell 0.5 released

The SQLShell team is proud to announce the 0.5 release. A lot of work has gone into implementing the possibility to abort a running query. If a query can be aborted is mostly up to the jdbc implementation you are using. Aborting a query can be done by pressing 'ctrl+a'. My main target database platform used to be Oracle, which explains why the previous versions where mostly targetted at Oracle compatibility. A month ago I started using Mysql for a personal project and as a result I had to add some fixes to SQLShell for it to be usefull in Mysql. I hope, with these fixes, to have addressed more issues for other database vendors.... read more

Posted by Roy van der Kuil 2008-03-14

SQLShell releases version 0.4

januari 24, 2008 The INTERNET - The SQLShell team is proud to announce the 0.4 release. We feel this release has made great progress at becoming a full featured sql shell. A lot of work went into improving tab completion to allow you to type as little as possible. Still a lot more ideas to limit the number of keystrokes exist. We hope to address (some of) them in the next 0.5 release.

New features include:
* Improved speed for displaying large( >200 <20000 rows) query results
* Fix display of time in date column (at least for oracle)
* Improved overall tab comnpletion
* Added tabcompletion for:
* desc
* execute batch command
* show
* group by (limited support for now)
* order by (limited support for now)
* allow enter in pwd field to 'ok' data
* fix in replace ~/ with users home dir in spool... read more

Posted by Roy van der Kuil 2008-01-24

SQLShell 0.3 released

THE INTERNET - With pride and joy we announce the 0.3 release of SQLShell. With this release SQLShell grows towards maturity even more :)
The main focus for the 0.3 release are usability improvements, making it even more of a joy to use this SQL client.
The most important improvements include:
* Database connection; The focus on the connection dialog is more intuitive now, and it's possible to connect through command line arguments.
* Improved DESC command; This supports tab completion now, plus it shows usuable information about a table now, instead of just table names :)
* Improved TAB completion... read more

Posted by HGLTeam 2007-10-09

sqlshell 0.2 released

The internet. We are happy to announce the release of version 0.2 of sqlshell (or as some say sqlheaven). Dispite it's version number (0.2) it is already a very usable and stable version with lots of features added and bugs fixed since 0.1. I won't name all, but here is a short list of what has changed:
- Search in history (for example by entering '/query' to make the current command the last command with query in it)
- Show tables (show a list of tables that is available for querying)
- Make columns in select query fit the max result with instead of the max column width
- improved editing of sql commands
- added help

Posted by HGLTeam 2007-09-18

Initial release

august 30, 2007.
Today the initial release of a powerful sql shell client is released. It's goal is to make sql hacking in a command line like environment as easy as possible. To many times there is only a text based connection available and most sql clients just aren't powerful enough to match the need.

This client makes it possible and by using java JDBC it is possible to use this client with nearly every database server out there. Of course new feature requests and bug reports are welcome so that this client can evolve over time and my and your sql hacking fun can begin.

Posted by Roy van der Kuil 2007-09-02

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