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  • Roy van der Kuil

    Hi All,

    I would like to take the opportunity to publish my 'favorite' new/upcoming features to this SQL client. Of course currently it already supports a number of features like tabcompletion and command history, but more features will be added in upcoming releases.
    My favorites are:
    - search command histor ("/mytable" would make the current command the last command that contains the string mytable)
    - support of dump/load table data via a universal way (xml)
    - and ofcourse some default stuff like configuring the look and feel of the application, even though it is textbased.

    Please let us know what your missing features are. I know a lot of people out there have really nice ideas about this kind of stuff.

    Kind regards and happy sql-hacking,

    • Vladimir Alarcon

      Hey, for me, it would be helpful to:
      1. Work with multiple databases (several files).
      2. Persistent command history between sessions.
      3. "more" like feature. When I select 500 lines, I usually only see the last 30 ones.


    • Roy van der Kuil

      The more feature is something that is on my mind. An initial version isn't really hard to implement, but I would like to have the 'commands' understand this mechanism as well. So that when my result exceeds my screen hight, it doesn't fetch anymore but waits for the 'more' to continue. that way abort can be implemented as well. A more feature that is similar to the pageup/down support that it has now isn't really hard to implement, so I guess that could end up with 0.5.

      About the multiple files. At work I use 3 different databases, meaning I have 3 different database settings in my file. I change the connection by using:
      "connect @db1" or "connect @db2". "help connect" should provide a little more detail about the use of the connect command.

      The persistent command sounds really nice as well.

      PS: sorry for the late reply.. I have been a little swamped at work (as always :) )


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