I've been playing with SQLObject for just some hours and have just one little recommedation.
In the documentation on One-to-Many Relationships there is a passage:
>>> class Address(SQLObject):
... street = StringCol()
... city = StringCol()
... state = StringCol(length=2)
... zip = StringCol(length=9)
... person = ForeignKey('Person')
>>> Address.createTable()

Note the column person = ForeignKey("Person"). This is a reference to a Person object. We refer to other classes by name (with a string). In the database there will be a person_id column, type INT, which points to the person column.
If I figured out right in that its important that the column person is named exactly "person" corrosponding to the class Person it would be nice if that could be made clearer in that passage.

I hope I explained myself well and my english is understandable, sorry if not.

I just had to get that out after it took me some time and nerve to figure the thing out myself.