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Still hackin'...

Been busy hacking away for the past 2 weeks or so. I've now fixed up the Mbox implementation a bit after I wrote a simple mailx-like front-end to libspruce (called spruce-cli for now). I've also implemented POP and POP/S which seems to work in so much as the front-end allows me to login to a POP server. However, since POP doesn't implement a summary, spruce-cli won't actually give me a message-list for the POP folder and so I have no way of knowing if retrieving messages will actually work (it should, tho).... read more

Posted by Jeffrey Stedfast 2004-03-14

Slow but steady progress

Since the last update I've rolled out GMime which was a MIME library that I had started working on for Spruce back in 2000 or so. At some point before GMime 1.0, Charles Kerr of Pan fame contacted me with some suggestions which kept me busy for a while. Hacked on Spruce a little here and there to try and shoehorn GMime into Spruce without having to totally rework the backend (you can find the results in the spruce-gmime-rewrite-branch branch in CVS).... read more

Posted by Jeffrey Stedfast 2004-02-23

Spruce 0.7.4 released

Spruce 0.7.4, the next release in the Spruce devel series, has been posted for download. In addition to tarball format, Spruce is now provided in SRPM and i386 RPM formats.

The following major changes have been made since the 0.7.3 release:
- Removed dependency on PGG
- New PGP API that supports encryption and decryption using GnuPG, PGP 5 and PGP 2
- New word-wrap functionality
- Address book now has editing functionality
- Local mailboxes are now autodetected
- Corrected RFC822 header issue on outbound mail
- Date sort is now RFC822/1123 compliant... read more

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2000-08-24

Spruce 0.6.0 released

This marks the beginning of the next generation of "stable" releases of Spruce. Please see http://spruce.sourceforge.net/ChangeLog for a list of changes.

Project Manager/Lead Developer,
Jeffrey Stedfast

Posted by Jeffrey Stedfast 2000-03-18

Spruce 0.5.18 released

This is (hopefully) the last development release of Spruce before I will finally release the next "stable" version, 0.6.0. Please send any bug reports to fejj@stampede.org so that I may address them before releasing 0.6.0. DO NOT REQUEST NEW FEATURES.

Thank you,
Jeffrey Stedfast

Posted by Jeffrey Stedfast 2000-03-13

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