#226 to add more useful autocomplete

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if it's possible to look at the source for dev-c++, you
could get the autocomplete code it uses & adapt it to
work for sphere.


  • Brian Robb

    Brian Robb - 2005-03-29

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    How is dev-c++'s autocomplete more useful?
    (Apart from sphere's autocomplete sucks and is turned off by

  • Alex Rosario

    Alex Rosario - 2005-03-31

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    for one thing, dev-c++ is able to read thru all the included files
    & make lists of the objects & their members, functions, &
    maybe even to some extent global vars. then autocomplete
    works from those lists, and does it nicely.
    sphere's autocomplete is actually ok, but it's main problem is
    that it doesn't know what a var may be at its particular time
    (an apparent strength of c++), so it doesn't let you
    autocomplete something like:
    var img = LoadImage("someimg.png");
    // now img is an img
    img.blit... // it should offer autocomplete for any image

  • Tung Nguyen

    Tung Nguyen - 2006-09-13

    Logged In: YES

    JavaScript's loose type binding makes this nigh-on
    impossible. The prototyping model pushes it over that mark.
    The best that could be done is to show a list of possible
    method signatures based on everything preceding the function
    call opening parenthesis, and where would this information
    fit in the interface?

    If this is still a pressing issue after over a year, make
    yourself heard at the Spherical forums. There's a feature
    request thread there.



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