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SP-Forth 4.20 released

Posted by ygrek 2009-01-21

SP-Forth 4.19 linux beta2 released

Posted by ygrek 2008-08-30

spf-devel-20080619 released

SPF devel directory (contributed code) snapshot as of 19 June 2008


Posted by ygrek 2008-06-19

SP-Forth 4.19 linux beta1 released

Posted by ygrek 2008-05-07

SP-Forth: 4.19 released

ANS Forth for Win32 and Linux/x86 (used to compile the following SF projects: acWEB, acFTP, acFreeProxy, acSMTP, Forth-Script)

SP-Forth for Windows is a reliable and comfortable forth system producing optimized native code.

This release features fixes and improvements in kernel, adds more documentation.

Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=17919
Notes: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=17919&release_id=569286

Posted by ygrek 2008-01-18

spf-devel-20070917 released

ANS Forth for Win32 and Linux/x86 (used to compile the following SF projects: acWEB, acFTP, acFreeProxy, acSMTP, Forth-Script).

SPF devel directory (contributed code) snapshot as of 17 September 2007


Posted by ygrek 2007-09-19

spf-devel-20070601 released

SPF devel directory (contributed code) snapshot as of 1 June 2007


Posted by ygrek 2007-06-01

spf-devel-20070401 released

SPF devel directory (contributed code) snapshot as of 1 April 2007


Posted by ygrek 2007-04-01

SP-Forth 4.18 released

SP-Forth for Windows is a reliable and comfortable forth system producing optimized native code.

This release adds documentation, fixes bugs and improves speed. Executable installer now uses NSIS.

Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=17919
Notes: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=17919&release_id=468058

Posted by ygrek 2006-12-04

SP-Forth 4 build 17 released

Includes registry values installer

Posted by ygrek 2006-01-30

Linux + Cygwin + Win32 build .08

SP-Forth 4 now works on Linux, Cygwin, Win32 (new: DLOPEN word).


Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2005-02-06

Linux version

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2005-01-18

SP-FORTH 4 build 14 released

SP-FORTH - reliable and comfortable forth system producing native code

This releases improves speed, improves stability.

Posted by Dmitry Yakimov 2004-01-18

sp-forth4 build 012 released

sp-forth4 build 012 released

Posted by Andrey Filatkin 2003-09-25

sp-forth4 updated (build 11)

Correcting build

Posted by Andrey Filatkin 2003-03-18

sp-forth4 build 010 released

The refreshed optimizer. More full devel\ folder.

Posted by Andrey Filatkin 2003-02-27

sp-forth4 build 009 released

The refreshed optimizer from ~mak.
New SEH. ~ac
The READ-LINE is corrected. ~ac
SAVE generates correct (from the point of view WinXP) file header.
It generates the program which is not having of resources.
If the resources are necessary, it is possible to use src\tsave.f :
S" name.exe" S" src\spf.fres" src\tsave.f

CONSOLE-HANDLES is transferred in a beginning of cycle of QUIT.

Posted by Andrey Filatkin 2002-11-10

sp-forth4 build 008 released

Instead of hand connection of icons, the resources are linking on the ~yz technology from spf.fres.
The insert of characters of line feed into a log-file is transferred from MAIN1 into ACCEPT1.
Instead of the constant #ST-RES the variable ST-RES is entered - size of the data stack. By default size of the data stack - about 4Kb. ~af
The system of errors output from ~ruvim, lost in build 7, is added.
Large package of changes from uspf4m10-uspf4m13 ~mak
The variable ERASED-CNT is removed. Instead of it the word PROCESS-INIT is entered.
Width of columns in WORDS was modified from 8 to 15.
RECEIVE-WITH allocate now C\L+2 bytes for TIB. REFILL transmits to READ-LINE as buffer TIB by size C\L, and READ-LINE require, that the buffer really was on two bytes more than was declared.
The asm-version DIGIT is again used. It understand only large characters. Case-insensitive DIGIT is transferred in lib caseins.
The variable SOURCE-ID-XT is added. It stores xt of the word, which reads from SOURCE-ID one line. It is necessary in that case, when SOURCE-ID not file, but memory for example. ~af
All words for operations with input-output streams are transferred in separate lib.
(INCLUDED) now is vector.
New INCLUDED from ~ruvim - file input on relative "current" directory.
Some, not used functions Windows, are removed from kernel .
The word .TO-LOG is added. It prints top number from data stack into log-file.
Was modified WINAPI:. Field, containing quantity of parameters which is necessary transmit to function, is added. This quantity is calculated at the first call of the function. ~ruvim
Word ; clears now the buffer JpBuff in the optimizer.
The possibility of availability of the tab characters in sources is taken into account. Was modified - REQUIRE, LAST-WORD.
The processing of hex-constants was modified. If following after 0x the part of token contains characters which are not being hex digits, then this token not considered as hex-constant. The exception - at the end of constant can stand the character L.

Posted by Andrey Filatkin 2002-07-05

sp-forth4 build 007 released

sp-forth4 build 007 released

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2001-09-21

sp-forth4 build 006 released

sp-forth4 build 006 released

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2001-04-26

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