#9 Spampal LSP stops CVSNT from working


With spampal lsp installed on the same machine as CVSNT all tcp/ip functionality to CVSNT (pserver, sspi, etc) stops to work. Tracing the tcp/ip frames shows that the tcp very often (not 100% of the time) has 1 or 2 additional bytes added. Example is when the frame is just an ack there will be an extra 1 or 2 bytes added into the tcp frame which causes the CVSNT protocols to cease to work. Uninstalling the LSP will then allow CVSNT to work properly.


  • KwikOne

    KwikOne - 2007-10-08

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    OOPS, forgot to indicate the error(s) -- when using the cvsnt sspi protocol the error is that the client and server cannot agree on an authentication scheme -- when using pserver the error back at the cvsnt client is an error reading from server XXX unknown error -1.

    I tried updating to 1.73j and re-installing the LSP. Now when using sspi the cvsnt client does log in, but won't log out (error as above). Still get the same error with the pserver protocol.

  • Daniel Friedmann

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  • Daniel Friedmann

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    This is not the place to give support, however, I'd like to clarify if this is a bug or just a config issue.

    Have you added the CVSNT file names to the Don't Filter list as shown on this screenshot? http://spampal.de/pmwiki/uploads/Anleitung/control-advanced-not-filter.png If yes, I'd regard it as a bug, if no, I'd rather close this bug and suggest to put the file name(s) onto that list by default.


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